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Livin Free with JP We are the new Main Stream Media

Livin' Free With JP Radio Show - About the Show
"We are the Mainstream Media" We the people that is. We will be the ones to inform the public and if one of us falls or vanishes 100 more will stand up and take our place. Our weapons are truth and justice, our battlefields are the minds of the dumb downed sheeple."

There is nothing more important than knowing the truth and once the truth is known it needs to be revealed to as many people as possible. This show will allow us to do just that.

We will discuss things such as the Real ID or the National ID card. We will talk about issues such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and the North American Union (NAU).

We will talk about issues that matter such as technology used against us, health news and the emerging Police State and even politicians who do their best to preserve our Constitutional rights. Most of the things on this show will be news stories you submit to me and that is what makes it our show. Our show is the voice of "We the People."

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