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Tags: gun rights


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Categories: News, The US Constitution, Take Action, laws, Police State, Obamanation

Here's where we are on Obama's gun control proposals

Here's where we are on Obama's gun control proposals:

Contact your senator. Ask him to oppose any motion to proceed

Gun Owners of America

Here's where we are on Obama’s gun control proposals:

  • Today, the Nut-Left Democrats on the Senate Judiciary voted to report the Feinstein gun ban –which could ban between 50% and 80% of guns and magazines in circulation today. It may not even get a majority in the Senate – much less the 60 votes needed to pass. And it is being pushed primarily to allow anti-gun Democrats from pro-gun states to pretend to be pro-gun.
  • Tuesday, the Judiciary Committee passed, by a 10-to-8 vote, the universal gun registry bill. Chief sponsor Chuck Schumer has been unable to achieve Republican support from anyone other than the anti-gun Illinois Republican Mark Kirk. Therefore, unless another Republican sells out at the last minute, we believe we can successfully filibuster this ill in the full Senate.
  • Tuesday, by a vote of 14-to-4, the Judiciary Committee also reported a Boxer bill that would increase, by $10 million, the funding for an existing school safety program. The money could be used for armed guards, as the NRA proposes, or it could be used for an anti-gun study. It is therefore neither inherently "pro-gun' nor "anti-gun." We have said we would oppose proceeding to Boxer if it is a vehicle for votes on other anti-gun measures – but that we would not object to its passage, without amendment, by "unanimous consent."
  • This brings us to the central battlefield: Last week, the committee reported, by a vote of 11-to-7, the Veterans Gun Ban, S. 54. The lone GOP vote in favor came from Chuck Grassley, who indicated he would oppose the bill on the Senate floor unless it was improved from the committee-reported version.

As we see it, the chief strategic objective is now to keep gun control votes from coming to the Senate floor by opposing the "motion to proceed" to any bill which is going to be used as a vehicle for gun votes.

That would certainly mean that senators should oppose moving to proceed to universal gun registries or the Veterans Gun Ban. But it also means that we oppose moving to proceed to so-called non-controversial bills, such as Boxer, if those bills are being brought up as a vehicle for anti-gun amendments.

ACTION: Contact your senator by Clicking Here. Ask him to oppose any motion to proceed – by filibuster if necessary – to the Feinstein gun ban, the universal gun registry bill, the Veterans Gun Ban (S. 54), or to any other piece of legislation being brought up as a vehicle for votes on these anti-gun proposals. 


Permalink 09:01:10 pm, by live free radio jp Email , 331 words, 8624 views   English (US)
Categories: News, The US Constitution, Take Action, laws, Police State, Obamanation

The Fight for our Gun Rights to Continue through the Christmas Holidays

Gun Owners of America


Gun Owners of AmericaThe Fight for our Gun Rights to Continue
through the Christmas Holidays
GOA makes a great stocking stuffer!

“[GOA’s] Rhetoric Signals Tough Road for Legislation” -- Roll Call, December 18, 2012

Gun Owners of America has, literally, been working around the clock this week. From speaking to media around the nation (and around the world), to briefing congressmen on Capitol Hill, GOA lobbyists and staff are providing the policy elites the “bullet points” they need to combat the approaching onslaught against our rights.

We told you yesterday about the Piers Morgan debate on CNN which you can watch here.

If you still haven’t seen it, you’re missing a heck of a debate.

GOA’s Facebook page lit up with all kinds of kudos for the way GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt man-handled Morgan:

* “I'm a proud member of GOA and this was a great debate.” -- Freddy Kasprzykowski

* “Bravo Larry!! You wrecked that moron.” -- Dennis Walker

* “I was absolutely inspired by Larry's willingness to be the first pro-gun voice to face the liberal lynch mob. Joined the GOA today, and damned proud of it. Do the same, everyone! If there is a time to join, this is it!” -- Terry Threlfall, Jr.

This is a great time to join!

If you are already a GOA member, why not offer your family members or friends a gift subscription to Gun Owners of America?

Click here to order a gift membership and print out a gift certificate that will make a good Christmas stocking stuffer!

One savvy gun owner has already bought Piers Morgan a gift membership in GOA so he can get educated on the issues. That’s no joke. Piers Morgan is one of the newest GOA members, thanks to the generosity of this “Secret Santa.”

So, if you really want to help educate (and annoy) some of your liberal friends, you might consider following suit!

Thank you for standing with us this year.


GOA in the Trenches, Highlighting Records of Pro-gun Congressmen

GOA in the Trenches, Highlighting Records of Pro-gun Congressmen

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GOA representatives are traveling coast-to-coast to discuss the differences between candidates running for office.

GOA's Political Victory Fund has already issued scores of alerts, endorsements and contributions in important elections that will take place next week. You can go to to see the highlights of these races.

GOA representatives are appearing at press conferences or rallies in several states. While the following are just the tip of the iceberg, they represent the type of work that GOA is doing:

* Arizona, Dist. 1 -- Paul Gosar (A rated) vs. Ann Kirkpatrick (C rated)

* Colorado, Dist. 3 -- Scott Tipton (A rated) vs. John Salazar (D rated)

* Florida, Dist. 2 -- Steve Southerland (A- rated) vs. Allen Boyd (D rated)

* Georgia, Dist. 2 -- Mike Keown (A- rated) vs. Sanford Bishop (C- rated)

* Michigan, Dist. 7 -- Tim Walberg (A rated) vs. Mark Schauer (D rated)

* Minnesota, Dist. 8 -- Chip Cravaack (A rated) vs. Jim Oberstar (D rated)

* Missouri, Dist. 4 -- Vicky Hartzler (A rated) vs. Ike Skelton (C rated)

* New Mexico, Dist. 1 -- Jon Barela (A rated) vs. Martin Heinrich (D rated)
New Mexico, Dist. 2 -- Steve Pearce (A rated) vs. Harry Teague (C rated)
New Mexico, Dist. 3 -- Tom Mullins (A rated) vs. Ben Ray Lujan (F rated)

* Pennsylvania, Dist. 11 -- Lou Barletta (A rated) vs. Paul Kanjorski (D rated)
Pennsylvania, Dist. 12 -- Tim Burns (A rated) vs. Mark Critz (NR)

* Virginia, Dist. 9 -- Morgan Griffith (A rated) vs. Rick Boucher (C rated)

* Washington, Dist. 2 -- John Koster (A rated) vs. Rick Larsen (F rated)

Many of the above races involve Blue Dog Democrats who are trying to portray themselves as solid defenders of the Second Amendment, but their current grades seem to reveal they are nothing more than Pelosi puppets.

You can go to this link to see a bigger list of Blue Dogs who have been working to prop up Pelosi.

The GOA representatives who will be traveling this week include Vice-Chairman Tim Macy, Executive Director Larry Pratt, Director of Federal Affairs John Velleco, and Director of Communications Erich Pratt.


Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots. Luke 23:34 (KJV)



H.R. 4646 The War On American Begins - Fight The Debt Free America Act


A Tomas Regalado Employee Goes to Jail During Obama's Last Visit

Barack Obama echoes anti-Americanism of Europe in calling voters stupid

Obama sounds calls US voters stupid

Why the US has turned against Obama

OneNewsNow story prompts White House call

'White House seeks to remove Obama' From Office Via the 25th Amendment

Teleprompter to make its debut in Parliament when Obama speaks


Companies Examine Health Care Law's Effect on Employee Coverage

AP-GfK Poll: Americans Split on Health Care Repeal


33 States ok online voting, but it's not ready

Election Watchdog Group Offers $20,000 Reward

Registrar Warns of Computer Problems One Week Before Elections

'Iranian Cyber Army' Enters the Mercenary Business with Botnets

Paladino's Facebook Page Hit By Hackers

American People To Dems And GOP: Get Out Of Office, You Don’t Speak For Us

Minority Of Americans Now Have Faith In Two Party Scam

Medicare money paid for posh life, court files show

State residents launch massive effort to kick out 3 Supreme Court justices

$200,000 for Capitol Hill bottled water?

Cities Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote

Geithner says China engaged on forex: report

Republican congressional candidate says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'

Nancy Pelosi expects to stay on top

Democrats Behind Tea Party Cyber Attacks?

Tell Congress to obey the Constitution

Driver says he did not see American activist


Secret GPS tracking invasion of privacy

Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun

Cyclist: Off-Duty Cop Pulled Gun On Me In Road Rage Incident!

DHS Conducts Nationwide ID Authentication Test For Emergency Preparedness

Schmidt: Don’t Like Google Street View Photographing Your House? Then Move

Google finally admits that its Street View cars DID take emails and passwords from computers

Cameras spy on private getaway

Invisible DNA body spray technology may soon be installed at a business near you

Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed ’smell of frying bacon offends Muslims’


Vet runs headlonginto DMV red tape

Hudson County sheriff candidate from Secaucus to relinquish Florida driver license

Woman in DMV bribe case wants lower bail

SC DMV redesigns licenses to COMPLY WITH REAL ID

Google says its cars grabbed emails, passwords

DMV error hits some D.C. residents

Grocery Store Rep. Confronts Tweeting Customer


100 Dollar Oil Is Coming

Welcome to the Greatest Depression: California’s Best and Brightest Face Homelessness, Poverty

Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College?

U.S. facing $120 trillion on plastic

Bankers 'caused credit crisis for kicks'

Las Vegas Unemployment Rate Hits 15 Percent

Jim Rogers: “US will lose economic war”

Financial Guru Seeks Short Sale of Home

‘Dutch Sandwich’ saves Google billions in taxes investor sues company for lack of profit

The Noose Looked Like A Necklace, Artistic & Full Of Vitality

Obama economy kills NASCAR attraction

Stimulus Swindle: Los Angeles Spent $70 Million in Stimulus Funds to Create 7.76 Jobs

Cash-strapped governments ramping up tax-collection efforts

75 Ways The Government Will Be Sucking More Of The Life Blood Out Of The American People In 2011

Predatory Property Tax Collection


Cyberwarfare: US Seeks To Shut Down Enemy Power Grids


Patients' anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine

Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

4 deaths tied to bacteria at food processing plant, Texas says

At least 142 dead in Haiti cholera outbreak

Nonstick cookware chemical causes ADHD in children

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies

10 infants dead in California whooping cough outbreak


Hollywood actor fears he's on a 'death list' of stars


Vets stand guard over Christian flag in NC town

Mich. woman accused of civil rights violation for seeking Christian roommate at church


Miramar man admits in federal job interview to owning child porn, authorities say

Widower rescued from aide 'kidnap'

Why London's 7/7 victims were left to bleed to death

Missouri couple accused of holding woman as a sex slave and torturing her for 7 yrs

Girl, 11, Kicked Off Cheerleading Squad for 'Not Shaking Booty'


ADF granted right to defend life in German euthanasia suit at European Court of Human Rights


Forced Abortion: Dream Of The Scientific Elite

4th Circuit issues important ruling in case of Md. troopers who arrested pro-life speakers


Toyota recalling 1.5 million cars as woes go on


Colgate Accused of Stealing Thousand-Year-Old Toothpaste


Cyberflaw found in DOT stimulus system

Audit: Stimulus websites unprotected

MWeb hacked, users details exposed

Firefox add-on lets hackers hijack user accounts

Most users still vulnerable to attacks that exploit Java flaw

Hackers Have at Google TV

E-mail hackers hit local woman

Linux Flaws Provide Root Access To Hackers

How bank hackers beat Barclays

Zeus Hackers May Harvest Business Info

Avalanche spam gang tap the power of ZeuS to boost cybercrime earnings

Chinese Hackers Seized SK Defense Secrets

Scots hacker facing jail after virus attacks on businesses

Hacker who stole from Stirling Moss goes on the run in the US

Cryptome Hackers May Be Feds

Hackers expose perils: chief spy

Hackers target Beck's Tea Party 'money bomb'

Dont be fooled by friends social network hackers are in for the kill

Hackers Have At Google TV


Threat to Free Speech Lights a Fire in the Grassroots

Threat to Free Speech Lights a Fire in the Grassroots

-- Vote has been temporarily postponed; keep up the heat!

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

[T]he NRA -- on whose board of directors I serve -- rather than holding steadfastly to its historic principles of defending the Constitution and continuing its noble fight against government regulation of political speech instead opted for a political deal borne of self-interest in exchange for ‘neutrality’ from the legislation's requirements.

-- NRA Director Cleta Mitchell, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The above quote -- part of an editorial authored by NRA Director Cleta Mitchell -- ran in The Washington Post today.

Like Mitchell, bloggers and editorial writers around the country have lit up the Internet with the story that we have been alerting you to over the past 48 hours. Here are just some of the headlines:

* “The NRA sells out to Democrats on the First Amendment,” The Wall Street Journal

* “Conservatives take on the NRA over deal on disclosure bill,” The Washington Post

* “The National Rifle Association’s Excuse Holds No Water,”

The conservative movement (and to be honest, many liberal organizations as well) are coming together to loudly protest the DISCLOSE Act -- legislation that threatens to gag our ability to effectively hold individual congressmen accountable in the days and weeks leading up to an election.

It is imperative that we continue hammering the Congress. But rather than cry “uncle,” liberal Democrats are now trying to buy off more groups with an exemption for those that have at least 500,000 members (rather than the higher threshold of one million, which would have applied to few groups other than the NRA).

Of course, how is the government going to know how many members an organization has? According to the legislation, each organization will have to certify to a government commission how many members they have. But what if the commission wants documentation; will the organization have to “disclose” the names of their members?

GOA, of course, will never do this. Furthermore, you should know that your Gun Owners of America can NOT be bought off. We will continue opposing this bill on principle, urging all gun groups to stick together in this fight. As we stated yesterday, we realize that: “We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately.”

GOA applauds NRA Director Cleta Mitchell for the courageous stand she took today. (You can read her editorial here.) We hope that the NRA leadership will heed her wisdom and take a stand against this bill. If they don’t, we wouldn’t be surprised if NRA members start demanding a change in their leadership. After all, the NRA has engaged in many good fights over the years, and it would be a shame to lose this VERY IMPORTANT battle because high-ranking staff led the NRA down the wrong path.


1. Please call your congressman today and urge him or her to oppose HR 5175. We’ve asked you to send emails before, but now on the eve before the vote, it is crucial that the phones ring off the hook. If they’re not ringing, they won’t be worried.

You can use the Talking Points below to call your Representative toll-free at 1-877-762-8762.

2. If you haven’t yet urged the NRA staff to change its position on HR 5175 and stand with Gun Owners of America, please do so. NRA Director Cleta Mitchell was absolutely correct, and the NRA leadership should heed her wisdom. You can call the NRA at (800) 392-VOTE (8683).

3. Please help Gun Owners of America to continue fighting for your rights. You can go to to help us alert as many people as possible to the DISCLOSE Act threat.

----- Talking Points for contacting your Representative -----

1. I stand with Gun Owners of America in opposing the DISCLOSE Act (HR 5175).

2. The Bill of Rights is clear in saying that Congress has no authority to pass legislation like this. Just like the Second Amendment says our gun rights “shall not be infringed,” the First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.”

3. The Supreme Court was right earlier this year in the Citizens United case. Sen. John McCain -- the author of the Campaign Finance Reform law (otherwise known as the Incumbent Protection Act) -- was wrong. Americans, and the groups they choose to associate with, should be able to criticize Congress in the days and weeks leading up to an election WITHOUT BEING GAGGED OR FORCED TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS that are mandated by Congress.



Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama Part 1

Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama Part 2

Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama Part 3


Refusing To Be Counted


Obama Wants $50 Billion more for Stimulus, Networks Nearly Silent

Obama said he's a Muslim


NH Police-State Checkpoint This Coming Weekend

Biker: DMV stole my motorcycle


PA Senate Unanimously Votes to Nullify Real ID

Delaware DMV unveils new secure ID cards

DMV Worker Charged with Sexual Abuse


Anti Abortion Right to Life vanity plates: DMV offers Choose Life plates

Justice Elena 'rubber stamp' Kagan?

When opinions become laws

Japan pledges corporate tax cuts to boost growth

Folmer bills make it through Senate

Chinese workers revolt against the unions

Cap & Trade Image


Solo Cup plant closing is shock to employees

California Considers Selling Ad Space On License Plates

Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply

US Banks May End Free Checking Accounts


NRA exemption shows campaign disclosure bill's cynical, fatal flaws

Warning: The Constitution Can be Hazardous to Children!


Rights restored to Michigan pastor

Church league denies team with lesbian coach


FDA panel gives ellaOne a thumbs-up


Campbell Soup recalls 15M pounds of SpaghettiOs


Google Probing Possible Google Trends Hack

XP flaw exploited by hackers

The Biggest Threat to Apple

Spies, WikiLeaks, and hackers, oh my!

New program aims to help hackers report stolen credit cards and other personal data

AT&T Apologizes for Another Privacy Gaffe, Suspends iPhone Pre-orderin

Hackers put sexual content on Tory Twitter


Socialism Coming to America Unless You Stand Up


Nationalized Banks, Nationalized auto Industry, Nationalized Health Care and the list will continue to grow unless we stand up.

Let your voice be heard, Call your members in the house and senate.

Tell them
No to the Hate Crimes Bill
No to Sotomayor Confirmation
No National Health Care
No to Cap & Trade
No to suppression of Gun Rights
No to Amnesty of Any kind
No to the Pass Act or National ID Card

US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

US Capitol Switchboard Toll-free Numbers (Please let me know if any do not work)


Your country, your rights.


Tune in tonight for more news and information. 7PM EST

Rep Jim Guest has been a pioneer in the fight against the National ID card also known as the Real ID Act of 2005. Tune in to hear what Rep Jim Guest has to say tonight. Visit his web sites

1 JOHN Chapter 5:1-4
Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.

By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.

For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith. (KJV)




India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards 7/15/09

DHS chief seeks to scale back Real ID requirements 7/15/09

CENSUS 2009-10

Congressman warns of 'Big Brother dossier'
Bill would ensure citizens aren't forced to take extended Census survey 7/14/09


President Obama protects those who torture and rape children

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 08:10 AM PDT

Please forward this video to every one you know. This video makes me more angry than I can even begin to express.

the digg for this is here:

Obama's stimulus 'murdered' welfare reform 7/15/09

Holdren Forced To Respond To Controversy Over Totalitarian Population Control Proposals 7/15/09

Obama: Health care reform essential to stability 7/15/09

Quietly, Health Care Debate Enters Crucial New Phase 7/15/09

Obama mulls rental option for some homeowners-sources 7/14/09

U.S. mulling mortgage aid for unemployed 7/14/09

Obama: Unemployment likely to keep ticking up 7/14/09


Small Business Faces Big Bite
House Health Bill Penalizes All but Tiniest Employers for Not Providing Insurance 7/15/09


There's Still Time to Kill the Hate Bill 7/15/09

Are Dems trying to sneak 'hate crimes' through? 7/15/09

Sen. Kennedy's committee passes health care bill 7/15/09

Seymour Hersh stands by Cheney hit squad claim

Sen. Ricky Ricardo? During Sotomayor Hearings 7/15/09

Sotomayor pushes back hard on racial bias charges 7/15/09

Sotomayor Explains Wise Latina Remarks 7/15/09

Sotomayor says Obama didn't ask about abortion 7/15/09

Will Republicans expose the two Sotomayors? 7/14/09

Hell Is for 'Heroes'

Sotomayor Hearings Serving as a Distraction for Tax Hikes? 7/14/09

Port St. Lucie apologizes to Treasure Coast Tea Party 7/13/09


O’ Reilly lies about global warming and makes Glenn Beck look like a genius 7/15/09

Climate Bill Spells “Skyrocketing” Energy Rates, Unemployment, Less Freedom 7/14/09

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rips President Obama's energy plan, says it's a threat to economy 7/14/09


Romans Chapter 13 Revisited by Chuck Baldwin

Episcopal Church - no clear gospel to proclaim 7/15/09


7 charged with killing Fla. couple, stealing safe 7/15/09


NEA flexes 'political muscle,' backs same-sex 'marriage' 7/15/09


1918 Pandenic H1N1 Human/Swine Recombination 7/14/09


'Twittering' One's Thumbs During Bank Robbery 7/14/09


What's Your Passion?


I ask because it is important that you have one. Mine is getting out the word on how to live free.

One of my other many passions is stopping the Real ID ? National ID Card stopped in my state and in our country and I spend a great deal of time speaking up against it and educating legislation and the public on the dangers of having a national id card.

Perhaps your passion is gun rights, environmental rights, religious rights, constitutional rights, illegal immigration, natural health options, gmo food, vaccines, or chemtrails.

Whatever you passion is, you need to take action in order to affect change. Use the internet and use your phone. Use you mind and reach out to others with your passion. Once you unite with enough like minded people you can have a positive influence on the issue that concerns you the most.

I'll Talk to you tonight 7PM EST
Keep Living Free

How are the people Reacting in Burton to the Military troops patrolling their streets and flying helicopters close to their roofs. According to one news report people were frightened by what appeared to be an invasion.

The US Navy special forces training over an a populated are is not what is know ans SOP or Standard Operating Procedure.

Just what is going on? Why risk the lives of innocent civilians to train? There are many areas where specialized training could be done without risking lives or scaring civilians.

Tonight, we will try to speak with someone who lives in the area and they will report what they have seen and heard.

Psalm 119:63 (King James Version)

I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.


Pro-lifer senses growing opposition to Obama's agenda 5/20/09

Obama paying 'lip service' to healthcare choice 5/20/09

Obama eligibility lawyer cites dangers from delays 5/19/09

Obama to announce auto mileage, emissions standards 5/19/09

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve? 5/18/09


Rogers Echoes Warning Of “Sucker’s Rally” 5/20/09

Letter From A Dodge Dealer 5/19/09

Democrats seek financial rescue of minority-owned broadcasters 5/19/09

GM bankruptcy plan eyes quick sale to government 5/19/09

You'll never guess which states have most jobless 5/18/09

American brains are Canada's gain 5/18/09

Condo associations dying as fees dry up 5/17/09


Arrest ordered for mom of boy, 13, resisting chemo 5/20/09

Panel votes to investigate 'Extremism' report 5/19/09

Military Personnel Ordered To Comply With Illegal Private Firearms Registration 5/19/09

Town halls hire citizen snoopers as young as SEVEN to spy on neighbours 5/18/09

Bosses concerned about Facebook, Twitter 5/18/09


A world turned upside down 5/20/09

'Patriot pastors' called to crush 'hate crimes' bill 5/19/09


Ten-Year-Old Bravely Battles Breast Cancer 5/19/09

US: Drugmaker Wyeth cheated Medicaid 5/18/09


Senate OKs gun legislation 5/20/09

House has passed the Legislation too According to Gun Owners of America

Going for Gun Control’s 'Brass Ring' 5/19/09

Legislation allows Maryland to seize violent offenders’ guns 5/19/09


The mighty American oak, pruned by an ACORN? 5/20/09

NC appeals court upholds tax bill for Wal-Mart 5/20/09

Dems seek 'Fairness Doctrine' in back door? 5/19/09

No 'Fairness Doctrine'? Prove it! 5/19/09

Poll: Nearly half of Nevadans would oust Sen. Reid 5/19/09

Hersh did not say Cheney ordered Bhutto assassination 5/19/09

Hundreds of thousands of letters given to senators 5/18/09

US journo claims Bhutto was killed on Cheney's orders 5/18/09

BREAKING NEWS US officials confirm Iranian missile launch 5/20/09
Will Obama Follow the Bush Legacy and go after them?


'Ida' an extinct primate - and that's all 5/20/09

Media blitz: 'We found missing link' 5/19/09


Bilderberg 2009 Attendee List

CENSUS 2009-10

Resist The 2010 Census! 4/11/09

White House grabs 2010 census power 2/7/09

Threatened by the Census Bureau 9/15/08

Obama Is Violating Constitution By Moving Census to White House 2/8/09

Census Bureau: A Threat to Freedom June 2000


It Is Getting Very Serious Now 5/12/09


Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America on Tonight


Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America will be on the show tonight.

Larry and Gun Owners of America have been champions in the Fight to protect and keep the right to bear arms.

Tun into tonight as he has some important information to share about how your gun ownership rights are in jeopardy and what you can do about it.

Visit Gun Owners of America now to see what you can do to preserve your liberties.

Check out the Current Gun Legislation being considered by our Legislators in D.C.

(1 Peter 5:8-9a KJV)
(8) Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (9) Whom resist stedfast in the faith.

Quote of the Day

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -->Thomas Jefferson



Obama hails the new world order 4/3/09

G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets 4/3/09

G20 ushers in a 'new world order' 4/3/09

New world order emerges from chaos 4/3/09

New World Order: Still A Conspiracy Theory? 4/3/09

Planning The Steps To World Government 4/3/09

Anderson Cooper Notes Gordon Brown & Obamas G20 A New World Order - Video

Illuminati Bankers A Trillion Dollars Richer: G20 offers $1-trillion in aid, few specifics 4/2/09


NC House nears vote on public smoking ban 3/31/09

On second thought - Lebanon Daily News On the MIAC Doc 3/28/09

Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying CASH! 4/2/09

Police 'fusion' centers criticized for tracking Ron Paul, Barr, McKinney supporters 4/1/09


First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family 4/3/09

Obama bows to Saudi king 4/2/09

Pentagon seeks $3B for Pakistan military 4/2/09

US Mint unveils quarter with Spanish inscription 4/2/09


Miss Universe's Fun At 'Beautiful' Guantanamo 4/2/09


IMF Approves Selling 400 Tons Of Gold | AHN | April 3, 2009

New Bill Allowing Industrial Hemp Farming Expected to Be Introduced this Week;_ylc=X3oDMTB0djByMTBvBF9TAzIxNTExMDUEZW1haWxJZAMxMjM4NjM4Njk4

Murdoch: Papers Must Charge for Web News 4/3/09

U.S. property bust threatens condo death spiral 4/3/09

Stiglitz: Bank Plan Makes Taxpayers Suckers 4/3/09

Bailed-Out Banks Eye Toxic Asset Buys 4/3/09

Shiller: U.S. Needs More Stimulus 4/2/09

Sarkozy: Capitalism Is Not The Problem 4/2/09

Geithner: I Might Fire Bank CEOs 4/2/09

'Recession gardens' trim grocery bills, teach lessons 4/2/09

Michael Boskin Says Barack Obama's Trillion-Dollar Deficit Budget Will Impede Economic Growth 4/2/09

Feds seize Madoff's mansion, yacht, small boat 4/2/09

Lawmakers Have Long Rewarded Their Aides With Bonuses 4/1/09


Report: 4 shot, hostages taken in Binghamton, NY 4/3/09


An 11-Year-Old With Bad Credit? Mother Fights for Son's Identity 4/1/09


Napolitano outlines plan for border infrastructure 4/2/09

Homeland Security Frees 27 Illegal Immigrants, Sends Them Back to Work 4/1/09,2933,512098,00.html


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