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What did you do to celebrate Patriots Day?

When you sit down and read about the long hard battles our founding fathers endured in order to allow us to live free, you cannot help but wonder was it all in vain.

The choices we make each and every day will lead us either down the road of destruction to a nation of socialism, then Communism and tyranny or it will be a road of sacrifice and struggle to return our nation back to the way it was intended to be and that is simply that all are able to live free.

Liberals will have you to think that because you celebrate patriots day that you are doing so because of what happened in Oklahoma City when in fact Patriots' Day is celebrated to honor those who fought in Battles of Lexington and Concord. This is where the phrase "The shot heard around the world," comes from.

Americans were tired of tyranny. They did all they could do in order to stop King George's oppression though discourse. Ultimately they had to make the heart wrenching choice to sacrifice themselves and all they had so that all who lived in the colonies could live free.

Today is Patriot's Day. Have you taken the opportunity to sacrifice some of your time and money? Perhaps a few months to speak to freinds, neighbors, family members about the issues and what is happening to our country? Were you able to help out a liberty minded candidate?

Today, we do not have to go to the extent of our forefathers to regain our liberties. We do need to have the same passion and zeal as they had and use it to find ways to defeat those who are in power and are abusing it. Both Democrats and Republicans should be scrutinized and voted out according to their performance.

We don't need to resort to violence to win our country back, what we do need is votes and candidates who will uphold their oath to office.


80 Percent of Americans Distrust Gov't.

Pelosi’s Palm Beach party had more security than guests

Dead man elected as US mayor


Senators Introduce Bill in Response to EFF's Call Against Secret Video Surveillance

Google backs Yahoo in privacy fight with DOJ


Meeting on Real ID program scheduled for today

Subcommittee to Discuss Real ID in Nevada

The National Biometric ID Card: The Mark of the Beast?

The REAL ID system to be topic at LOWV luncheon

Paradise lost: a decade of data breaches

Arphid Watch: RFID zapper

Brooomfield DMV employee arrested for theft


Gun rights advocates rally in Washington, Virginia

Obama-signed law will let militia pack heat at rally

Gun-control advocates protest Starbucks'


Dem Congessman: Dodd bill 'contains permanent, unlimited bailout authority' for Wall Street...

GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

Summers Says Financial Overhaul Likely to Be Passed by June

Fraud charge deals big blow to Goldman's image

Wal-Mart Inches Into India

8 More Banks Close

Unemployment rises in 24 states


Texas city revives paddling as it takes a swat at misbehavior


100 Years of US Medical Corporatism

Metal hip replacements could cause tumours


Toyota to recall 600,000 Sienna minivans


Look how much money illegals milking you for

First lady: Immigration still a priority for Obama


Freedom Loving Americans Amuse Obama, Freedom Loving Americans Amuse Obama? Ae we the King's Jesters?

Talk about pouring salt in an open wound, Obama has a way with words. The liberals are talking about how words can be hurtful, yet their exalted leader is not too careful with his words, nor are a majority of his smug senatorial and congressional lapdogs.

The American people are not amused about owning banks, auto manufacturing plants, loan institutions and being forced to pay for abortions, and be forced to accept government health care.

"He who laughs last, laughs best." Currently more than 20% of Americans support the tea party movement and nearly 59% are not happy with the way our legislators are doing their jobs.

November will remove the smirk off the amused liberal faces. November will reveal the true American spirit when Americans head to the polls.

So be amused, come 2012, your laughter will be forgotten once you are replaced with someone who will embrace the Will of the People waste stop the waste and incursion of our liberties.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free



As Doctor Shortage Looms, Nurses May Pick Up Slack
Already some kinks in the Obamacare plan Need for rationing healthcare?
Not obamacares fault, but it is the shortage of doctors to blame. Sorry granny, NO HEALTHCARE FOR YOU!

Obama extends health care rights to gay partners


Chipless Mark Of The Beast?

Squad Car Video Captures Cop Beating Motorist in Illinois

Laptops took thousands of images of children at home

Tattooing Patients With UV Ink Could Protect Pacemakers From Hackers


NC Get car inspected again? DMV fields more angry call


California's jobless rate hits high of 12.6% in March


Home buyer tax credits spark IRS audits

SEC Charges Goldman With Fraud

Oklahoma Republican gubernatorial candidates issue protests

Poll of Tea Party Supporters Reveals Surprises

Anti-Obama 'Tea Party' activists protest in Washington


Don’t Drink the Water

Many Organic Foods Are From China

Why FDA Should Ban Feces From Feed

Fluoride: Worse than We Thought


Chinese fisherman discovers gruesome sigh

Dems who 'caved' = killjoys for whole party


Prayer ruling 'flawed'

Pray Knapp will hear God's truth


No Prop. 8 least for now

Perhaps another opportunity to create more global government.

Volcano could build into major business problem

Travel chaos as cloud of ash drifts over Europe


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer Is Also Actual Crime-Fighting Hero


Can they regulate you to prosperity?

Notice the pattern . . .

* Politicians burden our economy with laws, regulations, taxes, and debt, but then . . .
* When the economy turns sour, it's never the fault of the laws, regulations, taxes, and debt, but instead . . .
* Always an excuse for more laws, regulations, taxes, and debt

The politicians tell us that an excess of government meddling was in NO WAY responsible for the Panic of 2008. They claim it all happened because we didn't have enough government involvement! Never mind the fact that . . .

* The Federal Reserve kept interest rates at artificially low levels for years
* The Democrats erected a host of programs and policies designed to expand home ownership
* The Republicans endorsed these efforts in the belief that an expanding "ownership society" would lead more people to vote Republican

The result? A huge housing bubble followed by a massive bust.

Now we're supposed to trust the same people who did all of the above, and who couldn't even regulate Bernie Madoff, despite having ample evidence of his crimes, to suddenly be able to regulate us to prosperity.

Are you really that big a sucker?

If you still believe the politicians can protect you, then get ready to be conned again . . .

The Senate is about to debate Chris Dodd's financial regulation bill. It's a whopping 1,136-pages!

Tell Congress you have a better idea. What we really need to do is end the Federal Reserve's power to blow bubbles. To make that happen . . .

Tell Congress to reject Dodd's cancerous bill, and instead pass Ron Paul's 3-page Free Competition in Currency Act.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

The Free Competition in Currency Act is a much better alternative to Chris Dodd's financial regulation bill. Dodd's bill will make things worse . . .

* Its so-called "consumer protection" bureau will simply create regulations that conflict with regulations formulated by other agencies
* The bill "vastly expands the government's power to do arbitrary things -- like liquidate bank x but let bank y stand."
* Large banks "will be seen as safer to deal with since they will be deemed protected by the government. That will cause more individuals and companies to put their money with large banks, making the biggest banks even bigger.",8599,1978531,00.html#ixzz0kWFpJfot
* The bill "will do nothing to put restrictions on two entities that were proximate causes of the housing bubble, the government-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and instead hit Main Street businesses and entrepreneurial firms that had nothing to do with the crisis."
* And the bill will force prudent firms to pay into a $50 billion bailout fund to subsidize the risky behavior of irresponsible firms

Creating new armies of regulators who will write thousands of pages of new regulations will only make it harder to do business in America. This may be what you want, because it will make politicians more important and powerful, but it isn't what we need.

Moreover, Dodd's bill doesn't get to the heart of the problem, which is the boom-and-bust cycle the Federal Reserve creates when it expands and contracts the money supply.

We can end the boom-and-bust cycle, and achieve greater openness and transparency, with LESS regulation, not more. The Free Competition in Currency Act achieves this by allowing individuals to "opt out" of bad Federal Reserve policies. Here's how:

* Legal tender laws will be repealed. Individuals will be free to use mutually-agreed-to forms of money, not just Federal Reserve Notes (dollars)
* Gold, silver, or other forms of money the people may want, will compete with the Fed's dollars on an equal footing
* Because no-one can inflate metal-backed money, their long-term value is more stable than the Fed's dollars, which have lost 95% of their value since the Fed was created in 1913
* In order to compete, the Fed will have to stop inflating their dollars, and banks in the Federal Reserve System will be forced to be open and transparent in order to attract skeptical depositors
* This means the boom-and-bust cycle will end and banks will become more reliable

Let's create REAL reform and transparency in our markets. Oppose Dodd's financial regulation bill and pass the Free Competition in Currency Act instead.


You may send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

We also encourage you to Digg this message on our blog.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

WE THE PEOPLE (Silent Majority No More)


State poised to punish free speech at schools


The American Workplace: Sweatshop USA

Ten U.S. Cities In Free Fall

Surging Interest Rates Ahead


Obama election-year jobs agenda stalls in Congress

Obama's Teaching Career At Chicago A Sham?

FBI destroyed file on Obama's grandfather

Negative policy comments not 'racist'

Obama's goal? Socialism at all costs

Kenyan official: Obama born here


12-year-old protester charged; mom, too

Romney wins SRLC straw poll by only 1 vote over Ron Paul

Steele: 'I have made mistakes'

Tea party-backed flag wont fly at CT Capitol

Would you rat out a tax cheat? Spy on your neighbors?

Don't Call Me Angry


Protesters at airport don't want TSA to see you or your children naked

Lawmakers working to Repeal PASS ID / Real ID in LA

Local grandmother approved for ID after trying several months

Chairman Harmon Runs Rough-shod Over Real ID Nullification in TN


What Are They Spraying Us With?


Laodiceans at the White House


'Pro-life Democrat' - R.I.P.

The 'pro-choice' fraud exposed


How Many More Tears? How Many More Funerals?


Will GOP Return to Conservative Roots?

It doesn't take a highly sophisticated thinker to see the change that has happened to the GOP over the past several decades. The GOP has boasted of being conservative, but then you have the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham who insists Americans need a National ID in order to stop illegal immigration.

Likewise you have Sen John McCain who thinks that giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens will prevent more from entering our country illegally while slapping the faces of those who worked hard and came the legal route to this country. Not to mention, amnesty was done during the Reagan years and guess what, more illegals kept on Coming.

Let us not forget Former Congressman JD Hayworth who says he is a conservative and as I have stated previously, he voted in support of many anti conservative pieces of legislation during the Bush years.

NC Senator Richard Burr (R) Recently stated that fixing Obamacare instead of repealing would be the most likely scenario. The conservative base do not want it fixed, they want it repealed. Richard Burr was not one of the six senators to sign the pledge to repeal the obamacare legislation.

I am sure I could go on and on about those who claim to be conservative yet ignore the values of a true conservative: Less government intrusion, lower taxes and to stay out of the lives of law abiding citizens.

If you are thinking about voting for a conservative, you may want to look at their records and challenge them during any public engagements to get back on track and to get back to the conservative values that mean so much to the majority of Americans, if not, they too can be voted out.

For those of you who want to see alternatives to the GOP and Socialist Democrats, please check out the Constitution Party. You will find they lean more conservative then anyone you can find in the GOP.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free!



Chinese Hackers Stole Dalai Lamas Email, Gvt Secrets

TAKE ACTIONC to Stop the Internet Takeover

Glenn Beck: Net Neutrality Pits Free Speech Against Free Pres

Court to FCC: Back Off on Net Neutrality

FCC denied power to regulate the web

The Battle Begins for 2012 GOP Contenders


Healthcare Reform Scam Alert Issued


Learning how evil works and some solutions

Text messages to send sex information to teens


Obama targets US citizen for 'kill or capture'

Obama's 17-min 2,500-wrd response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'

New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility

Did Michelle say Barack born in Kenya?

Eligibility challenger: Don't touch my brain!

Obama critic hit with charges Facing April 20 hearing


Are you ready for the Libertarian solution, yet?

Kupelian on Hannity: Obama staging 'socialist coup'

FBI arrests man for threatening Pelosi

Did you feel that hit in your wallet?

Rush accuses Obama of 'character assassination'

40% of Tea Partiers are Dems and Independents, How Will Media Report the News?

Tea Party 48% Obama 44% - Rasmussen Reports


Dozens to Protest English Only Driver Test

Deceptive National ID plan pushed by Schumer and Graham

National Eye Dee

Obama & Co. Want National Biometric ID

Support dwindles for bill limiting access to records

Utah Governor Signs Law Nullifying Real ID


FL says challenge to healthcare reform widens 18 States

Does your faith free you from forced Obamacare?

Injunction sought to halt Obamacare

Communist leader hails health care as 'historic victory'

Emergency Health Army?

Why do Democrats Plan on Euthanizing between 180,000 and 405,000 Americans?

The Obamacare Deficit Fraud


They were just following orders


Thanks a Lot, JP Morgan Chase

US won't recover for at least 15 years


Jaime Escalante: Master Teacher, Envious System


Gender-bending chemicals 'triggering early puberty in girls

pH1N1 D225G In 2010 North Carolina and Wyoming Sequences

Did 'Regular' Flu Shot Up Risks for H1N1 Flu?

Consumers told to gut Chinese-drywall homes

CFL Mercury Light Bulbs


Scientist working on Rife Technology Murdered


Upping ante on eligibility

Surge in Haitians crossing border into Vermont

Immigration effort lacks 2nd backer from GOP

Immigration radicals claim 'friend' in White House


Census Fines

Census used as gay gimmick


Shocking audio from President Obama's friend


Glynn Urban "Freedom"


Who Leads the Tea Party?

Americans keep hearing the mainstream media constantly talk about the Tea Party Movement and equating it with Former Alaska Grosvenor Sarah Palin.

Most of the old main stream media are constantly repeating to the limited views they have left that the Tea Party movement sprouted up shortly after the election of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama a man who is mixed race also known as hapa in Hawaii.

This assertion that Liberty minded Americans were only upset because a "Black Man" was elected goes beyond insane.

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck both usurped the movement to their listeners when Congressman Ron Paul's supporters started the 'November 5th moneybomb' and then the 'Tea Party Movement'.

Nonetheless we have Sarah Palin in the mix with Senator John McCain, who tried to push Amnesty on the American people and pushed many of the unconstitutional pieces of legislation on the American people after 9/11 under the guise of security and safety.

Governor Rick Perry jumped on the tea Party bandwagon, yet he was all for pushing through the Trans Texas Corridor part of the NAFTA super highway stealing land from hard working farmers, ranchers and home owners to do so.

Americans have been unhappy for some time, they were not happy with a great deal of the legislation that was promoted under Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Obama or even want to partake in George Bush Sr's vision of a new world order.

Americans are opening their eyes to the fake left right paradigm. They are ready for real change, they are ready to return to a constitutional government. Are there any would be legislators who will return us to where we need to be so that we can all Live Free?

It is the responsibility of every American to research and question all would be politicians to ensure that only liberty minded and freedom loving representatives are elected.

Keep Living Free


It's why many Texans haven't returned their Census forms

RNC "census" mailer offers phone sex number

You are being counted: India's Census 2011 begins

How to complete a census


Hoarding, Not Hiring – Corporations Stockpile Mountain of Cash

Speeding 'cushion' may dwindle due to recession


Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes


Infoshop Anarchists Plan to Disrupt April 15 Tea Party Protests

Judge says seizing 'Million Dollar Bill' tracts illegal

Congressman: 'I don't worry about the Constitution'


Taser Used on 10-Year-Old in Indiana; Policemen Suspended

Teaching Kids to Mistrust Govt Makes Couple Unsuitable Parents

Cops Raid Home Without Warrant

Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretaps Were Illegal

Seeing red over yellow lights. Experts say three seconds not long enough


Say No To A National ID Card


The Great College Hoax


Two Republicans soften stances on repealing health law

Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care

Mass. rejects proposed health care premiums hikes

Official OKs ballot measure to fight health-care reform

Obama's Maine rally draws health overhaul critics


Create Your Own Natural Medicine Chest


Documentary frames tough road for immigration bill

An argument to be made about citizenship


Socialist Democrats Barely Pass HCR Americans Still Fighting Against it

The American people have spoken. They let their voices be heard echoing across the nation, via town hall meetings, in person contacts with representatives, protests across the nation and in front of the capitol in DC, they have called, phoned, emailed and faxed their legislators to oppose the so called health care reform legislation.

Their supposed representatives responded by ignoring their efforts, ignoring their concerns and ignoring their voices.

It took the democrats making back door deals and lots of pork in order to buy the votes they needed in order to get their way. Some legislators were even promised employment when they get kicked out of office in the November elections.

Ironically, none of these deals had to be made with the Republicans who all opposed the legislation. No, they had to bride and arm twist their own party members in order to get this bill passed.

Obama can sign this into law, but the states will be fighting this bill in the courts as unconstitutional mandate and many other organizations will file suit as well.

Likewise, state legislators are enacting legislation to allow their citizens to opt out of this socialist legislation.

Many Americans will refuse this legislation. There are some legal ways, for example if you have religious objections or you are Native American and want to opt out you will be able to on those grounds. others will simply refuse to comply and opt to pay the fines.

I have heard others say they were moving to Europe or Costa Rica, but those with backbone, will stay here and fight with all they have in them to get all democrats voted out of office and support only those who will uphold, defend and protect the Constitution.

Americans are angry, they don't want the govt to have full access to all of their medical, and financial records. They don't want to be forced to buy government run health care. They don't want their medical records in an electronic database, ripe for hackers. They do want to Live in peace and be left alone and for their legislators to stop overstepping the authority granted to them by We the People..

Americans are angry, they now want a new reform, and that reform will be to eliminate this legislation and to vote those out who supported it.




BREAKING: Oklahoma responds to federal health care legislation

Dems' celebration may be short

Proposed Changes in the Final Health Care Bil

Just Because It's Historic Doesn't Mean it's Good

Is Cash-Only Medicine the Next Big Thing?

Dems Admit Executive Order Wont Change Law

"Fix" Bill May Not Advance In Senate

The Truth About the Health Care Bill

Why Obamacare Would Fail

State AGs Start the Road to Repealing Obamacare

Stupak lied all along about his support for ObamaCARE and abortion!

Cox Files Constitutional Challenge to Federal Health Care Legislation

State Attorneys General Agree To File Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare


The F Word: Stupak vs. The Nuns

America's new standing in the world

States' rights movement sweeping across America


Idaho Leads State Revolt Against Naked Body Scanners


Nashville 19th most vulnerable to hacker


We're Not Gonna Take It


Don't let the NFL take your away your vitamins

Senator John McCain has introduced S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA).

This bill will . . .

* control your ability to use vitamins,
* for the benefit of the major sports leagues

The following welfare queens endorsed McCain's bill within hours of its introduction . . .

* The National Football League
* The National Basketball Association
* Major League Baseball
* National Hockey League
* The NCAA
* The Professional Golf Association
* The U.S. Olympic Committee

Nearly all of these entities receive tax funding to build the stadiums they play in. Now they want to make your supplements more expensive so that none of their rich athletes will accidentally ingest anything banned by league rules. But you can take action to kill this bill.

It's crucial to understand that most vitamins and supplements aren't drugs. Your food that grows in the ground, or on the hoof, is full of these substances. That's one reason why previous government attempts to label these nutritional supplements as drugs, and regulate them, have met with fierce public opposition. Indeed . . .

Prior to the Internet, one such government power grab generated what may have been the biggest barrage of letters to Congress in American history. That power grab failed, because public pressure works!

Instead of regulating supplements Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 DSHEA).

That law states that most nutritional substances do not require FDA pre-approval before going to market, and cannot be re-classified as drugs.

Now, John McCain seeks to repeal key provisions of the DSHEA. Yet in his remarks introducing S.3002 . . .

* he provides no evidence that the relatively free-market approach of the DHSEA has failed

* he cites no evidence that dietary supplements(PDF), consumed by 150 million Americans, are unsafe or a threat to public health

And the DSSA is completely unnecessary to address the (minor) steroid problem. In fact, the problems McCain does cite were already addressed by current law, which has not been competently enforced by the FDA!

* the FDA already has authority to ban any substance containing anabolic steroids
* and products are already required to list all their ingredients

To make matters worse, ". . . the bill reverses "common law, which assumes all is legal unless restricted. DSSA would allow only what is permitted to be legal."

The DSSA is nothing but regulatory "corporate welfare" for major sports leagues (and multi-national drug companies). It will put the FDA in the business of helping the NFL, Major League Baseball, etc. enforce their substance policies -- at your expense.

This bill will deny you freedom of choice, place expensive burdens on small enterprises, and do nothing to protect your health. It will actually make you less healthy, by causing nutritional substances to be less available and more expensive.

Please use these talking points to tell your Representative and your two Senators to oppose S. 3002, John McCain's Dietary Supplement Safety Act.

And if you're excited about's work, please do one or both of the following:

1) Start a monthly pledge or make a one-time donation.
2) Commit to sharing this campaign with ten other people who would be interested in this issue.

Both methods will help grow the Downsize DC Army,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.



How just 0.3% of solved crimes are due to DNA database

Drug industry pays for Mo. cold medicine database


Man laughed off Taser jolt while battling Rochester cops


Obama eyeing your retirement account

Obama to nominate retired Army general for TSA: source


Think You're Getting A Tax Refund? Better Read This
Cash-Strapped States Delay Paying Income-Tax Refunds

Banks shuttered in Fla., Ill., Md., Utah

Employers vs. Consumers: Who will blink first?

Man Wants to Trade 50-Year Baseball Card Collection for House


Missouri Sovereignty Project


Don't let the NFL take your away your vitamins

Tax soda, pizza to cut obesity, researchers say

Sleep wrong and you'll feel the bad fat


Appeals for calm after Nigerian sectarian slaughter


Sit Down and Shut Up

Do not call your legislators at the state and local level. They are busy people and are working hard to make sure you and I are all kept safe and secure from threats abroad and at home. they don't have time to listen to you or I so just sit down and shut up.

Do not go to protests, it is a waste of money and resources when extra police have to be called, plus all the litter and noise is just annoying. Besides it wont do any good. it's not like anyone really cares about a bunch of people who are upset over silly things like the Constitution and the truth.

Do not run for office at any level, after all the system is broken and cannot be changed from within. just sit down and shut up. Our leaders know what is best for us.

Do not worry about who to vote for, just choose the name that sounds the most familiar. Do stay away from those with radical ideas who speak about liberty, freedom, government accountability, ethics, limited government and the like. Those are merely outdated and antiquated ideas brought about by radicals in the 1700's.

Do not complain about health care legislation. Our legislators know what we need and we should just be grateful for the extra taxes we will have to pay even though it will be less than we are used to, at least everyone will get some kind of care. Yes the legislators need better health care then you or I, indeed after all they are the decider's, so sit down and shut up.

Do not complain about taxes. So what if it takes nearly six months to pay for one years of all taxes combined. We should all be so lucky to be able to have six months of tax free income. We need to pay taxes to help pay for the great health insurance and salaries of our leaders. We need to pay to help them take trips around the world and dine on exotic meals. They deserve it after all for all the hard work they do to protect us.

Do not complain about national id's or full body scanners. They are there to protect us. A few extra x-rays should not cause too much damage to our bodies and besides if it does, we have our free health care to rely upon to fix it.

Do not complain about cameras on the street corners and in nearly every building you enter. They are their to help keep you safe and help police figure out who may have attacked and mangled you in the middle of the night.

Do not complain about the police taking your blood at checkpoints. They have to make sure no one is drunk or on drugs to help keep us all safe on the roads. So what if they put the blood in DNA databases. Perhaps they can use those samples to help find cures for current and future diseases. It's not like they would ever abuse their authority and misuse the information.

Do not worry about what is in your food. Genetically modified food is good for you. The Europeans do not understand the benefits of this type of food and have banned it, but our FDA says it is good and thus it must be so, because they would never approve a food or drug unless it has been fully tested to ensure that it is safe now and will not have any long term negative side affects.

Do not take vitamins or bother eating organic or unprocessed foods. Again all food approved by the FDA must be safe for you and vitamins can be more dangerous than FDA approved medications and besides, your free health care panel may not allow the consumption of non FDA approved supplements.

Do not worry, it causes too much stress. Let your mind and bodies go free. Sit back enjoy an hour or ten of TV. You can escape into the lives of others real or imagined without the stress of utilizing your own brain cells. Just sit down and shut up. All is well.


Pentagon shooter was a top SJSU engineering student but also 'troubled' with drug problem

Pentagon gunman was 9/11 conspiracy theorist acting alone, say officials

Pentagon Shooting Coincides with Supreme Court Second Amendment Case


Homeland Security begins to install full-body scanners

Two Women Refuse Full-Body Scans, Coming Soon To An Airport Near You

Missouri legislators look at an outright ban of red light cameras

Class-action lawsuit filed over red-light cameras

Missouri Supreme Court Rules on Red Light Cameras

Red light camera ban gets a yellow light

New Jersey Family Asked to Cover Up Nude Snow Woman


Is Obama buying votes?


Hobby Lobby - a heart for health


Plan for a Freedom President *** Put the..

Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Terrorizing Decent American Patriots?

CNN Omits 'Coffee Party' Founder's Past as Obama Volunteer


Levin urges Pentagon to rethink plans for $1 billion in new Blackwater contracts

Don't ask, don't bleed

Soldiers left out of policy change debate


FDA recalls some foods with flavor enhancer HVP

Unintended Acceleration Not Limited To Toyotas


Obama Demands Vote on Health Care Control Bill

Obama once again ignores the will of the people and demands that congress runs an up or down vote on the health care control bill.

I should be amazed at being ignored by those who were elected to represent me, but I like most Americans have become numb to it. Not numb as ignoring it though.

Americans will affect some change come November, but in the mean time the Democrats are forgetting that many of their own constituents do not agree with the health care scheme they are plotting. Yet they want to blame the Republicans for trying to stall it.

How about they quit trying to point fingers and accept the fact that a majority of Americans despite their political views do not want this health care control bill no matter what they call it?

if they continue to ignore us, they will find find themselves looking at a massive influx of third party candidates come November.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free!


Obama takes charge, demands vote on health care

ObamaCare: What happens now?

Obamacare: Still a Threat to Your Life


California Delays Payments, Ponders IOUs Again, Demands 80% of Income Tax Paid Before It's Even Earned

ADP: January Job Losses Were Actually TRIPLE What We Thought,
And No, We Won't Blame The Snowicane


Idaho House Passes Revamped Voter ID Bill

Personal data susceptible to hackers

Police: Hackers infected 13 million PCs


2 women banned from flight for refusing scan

U.S. Senate vote in favor to extend Patriot Act spy provisions

Fusion Centers: A locally owned and operated Intelligence Machine

Facebook Glitch Sends Wrong Messages, Raises Privacy Questions

Facebook Federal Human Data Mining Program

Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook, 24 Feb 2010


Throw The Bums Out? - Not In Texas

Globalist Perry Wins Texas Primary

Winners and Losers in the Texas primary

Charles Rangel temporarily steps down as Ways and Means chairman

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's defense of Rep. Charles Rangel is tepid at best

Senate Approves Jobless Aid, Road Funding

ACORN workers cleared in NYC pimp video


Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth


Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S.


URGENT: Don't be a Patriot Act coward

Three provisions of the so-called USA PATRIOT ACT are set to expire on February 28. You can learn more about them from our February 10 Dispatch.

Instead of letting these unneeded provisions lapse, Congress will likely extend them, perhaps 30 days, or maybe to the end of 2010. BUT THIS COULD HAPPEN AS SOON AS TODAY.

Worse, Congressional leaders will probably insert this extension in unrelated legislation. This is cowardly. This issue deserves an up-or-down vote on its own merits (or lack thereof).

Please express your anger about this by telling Congress to pass the One Subject At A Time Act.

You can borrow from or copy this letter . . .

My understanding is that Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi intend to attach the PATRIOT ACT renewal measure to an unrelated bill, at the last minute. This is wrong. The renewal deserves its own, separate vote.

It seems obvious to me that Reid and Pelosi fear . . .

* a floor debate in which Republicans will shamelessly attack Democrats for being "soft on terror"
* that civil libertarians will be angry if some Democrats vote for the extension

But these are exactly the kinds of debates, and stands, we need our representatives to have and to take. Plus, Reid and Pelosi are being silly if they think civil libertarians won't be angry about the extension being passed as a part of unrelated legislation. This will increase our anger, not diffuse it.

Please make the following case to Reid and Pelosi . . .

* the Constitutionality and effectiveness of these provisions deserve to be debated in both chambers

* this is a debate that the anti-PATRIOT side will win in the court of public opinion

* Americans have lost their fear of terrorism;

* if Democrats lose in the fall, it will definitely not be because they oppose these Patriot Act extensions

* combining unrelated legislation will increasingly be a reason for voters to switch control of Congress to another party

I demand that you oppose ANY bill that contains a Patriot Act extension, no matter how important you think the rest of the bill is. If the bill is really that important then the leadership will resubmit it without the unrelated Patriot Act provisions.

I also demand that you introduce's One Subject At A Time Act to stop the corrupt and cowardly habit of combining unrelated bills into one package.


Because of the urgency of this issue, please also call your Representative and your Senators. Tell them to oppose the Patriot Act renewal. You can find their phone numbers when you log-in to the OSTA Campaign.

Please also make a contribution to further our work.

Jim Babka

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