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  06:11:19 pm, by JP   , 353 words,  
Categories: Welcome, News

Real ID Class Action Lawsuit In PA and the Bailout Rescue Plan

Those of you you who live in PA have a Real Opportunity at some justice thanks to some Americans who are fed up with our governments doing whatever they want with our liberties.

It seems there are still ways to hold people accountable for their actions. Thanks to Renee Baumgartner a member of the PA Restore the Republic group their is now a class action lawsuit against PENDOT for implementing the Real ID in their state. You have the opportunity to join this lawsuit by contacting Renee' at and ask to take part in taking back your liberties. You can also contact her through MySpace at

While on the air Monday, we were disconnected from Renee while she searched out another phone to call us. Because she had such limited time on our show, I have invited her back for Wednesday, October 1st's show.

Please take a moment and listen in. She has great information that you can use in any state you live in order to fight the real ID National ID Card Scheme.

Let's Talk Bailout
I would rather not. It makes me boil thinking that the congresscirtters are now calling it a rescue plan. Who said if you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig?

Do these Legislators think the American public will swallow any of this? Americans are not as gullible as they had hoped. ABC World News Reported tonight that the phone calls going into their offices were 9-1 opposed to any type of bailout.rescue plan.

Tell them if they want to bailout anyone, they need to bailout the American worker. Stop sending our jobs and our manufacturing base out of the country. Tell them to arrest and prosecute Bernanke and Paulsen for creating this mess. Tell them to end the Federal Reserve and IRS and to start printing money backed by gold and silver. Tell them that is the kind of bailout we need.

Feel free to add any points you want to make to this post.

Until Wednesday,
Keep Living Free,

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  07:05:37 am, by JP   , 265 words,  
Categories: Take Action, laws

Is America Getting Screwed with this Bail Out?

Short Answer YES!

It is time for our members of congress to get some backbone and to consider the history of this nation while voting NO BAILOUT!

The fear tactic are not much different than those used to pass the un patriot act and it is rather revolting.

Perhaps our members of congress should read up on history to understand that before the crash in 1929 we were bailing out banks and the crash came anyways. We tried to help banks who had made bad investments and it did nothing more than cost us money. Yes, it slowed down the progression of the crash but it happened anyways.

I say let them fail. If members of congress wanted to help the economy perhaps they should consider getting rid of the federal reserve and only print money backed by silver or gold.

If congress wants to help out home owners, provide them with low interest loans and use a reputable company to do it.

Americans need to be on the phone and tell their congress critters to VOTE NO on the BAILOUT, then give your senators a call and tell them the same thing. don't just send emails, call and overwhelm their staff with phone calls. Let them know you don't want your weak dollar to become totally worthless because that is what will happen when they print up nearly a trillion more.

go to to locate your elected officials or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your elected leaders. Remember, they work for you.


  05:31:25 pm, by JP   , 160 words,  
Categories: News

New Show Hours & Days

Obviously LiveFreeRadio has gone through some changes. I am doing my best to improve the looks of the site as well as improve what can be done on it as far as you the listener can do.

You now have the ability to make comments and interact. You should also notice the chat feature we have during live shows.

I look forward to bringing news to the world that the Main Stream Media refuses to talk about or misreport. I want to interview those who care about our nation and what is happening to it.

The old pages are still up for now. You are welcome to see it here.

The Show Schedule is as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST , 4pm PST

I look forward to hearing from all of you who patiently waited for me to get back on air.

Until Next Time

KEEP Living Free!

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