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Have a Gold Star on Your Drivers License? You win a Prize.

Remember when you were in grade school and you got a gold star for doing well on your test? Well the states that are Real ID compliant are moving forward with the same concept. Show us your papers, let us scan them, put them into a national database along with your biometric photograph that can be read from any face recognition tracking software and you get a gold star.
Florida Drivers License Gold Star Real ID

Whats the big deal? You get a gold star for being a good little sheeple even if you don't know it. Of course your state DMV will get an award for putting all that data into a national database as is the case for the state of Florida. You can see the gold star on the FL Drivers License if you have received one recently or see an example on the Florida DMV web site.

But the Real ID will certainly keep you safe from terrorists? If people really believe that then why didnt Michael Chertof the former Secretary of Homeland Security? He basically asserts that the only real good from Real ID will that it will stop college students who are underage from buying alcohol. I don't think it will even help that. A college student who wants to get alcohol will get alcohol.

It will stop illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses.Wrong again Real Id has a provision that will allow states to issue Real ID compliant licenses to illegal immigrants.

My information is safe with the DMV...DMV has secure databases and their employees are screened to prevent theft of your birth date, mothers maiden name, social security number, address and medical information. You cannot honestly believe that.

Just visit the archives of this web site to see all of the hacked databases. visit and see all the database and record breaches that have happened since Real ID was enacted. Nearly 500 million and growing! Not to mention all of the abuses from police officers to DMV employees stealing and abusing your information. Hey times are tight and selling data is big business.

Check out some of the most recent headlines
DMV employees suspended, written up, retire
14 NC DMV Workers Disciplined For Accepting Gifts
Former deputy charged with computer crime still working with county computer system
FBI Investigating Mother, Son In Elderly Fraud Scheme

Those stories are all from the state of NC and there are hundreds and hundreds of these stories all around the country.

Well the Drivers Privacy Protection Act will help secure our private information. Wrong! This Act actully allows the DMV to sell, rent or lease all of your information to private corporations and a judge recently held that "Companies Can Buy Bulk DMV Records"

That's right, companies from the US and abroad can buy your information and do with it as they please. Guess what, it doesn't prevent companies form sharing your information overseas to places like India and other underdeveloped nations that have low paid staff.

The Real ID actully makes you more vulnerable to id theft and will only get worse as more DMV's central their data and share that information via internet connections with other state DMV's and the Federal Government.

Of course, many states have refused to accept the gold star and with good reason. More are expected to refuse compliance as the deadline moves forward.

Now in a twist or irony, the gold star was once used as an id system in Nazi Germany, each prisoner in the concentration camp received their star and color codes depending on the reason they were there. For example they would get the color red if they were Political enemies
or purple if they were Jehovah's Witnesses.

One of the companies that is creating the Real ID for the states like, Florida, Nevada (optional) and North Carolina is L-1 Identity solutions / Viisage.

The Real ID Act is completely voluntary, but those who refuse give up essential liberties and those who accept, give up their right to privacy and endanger their identities. You don't have to get a Real ID if you don't want one, but you will not be able to obtain healthcare, bank, shop or even get on the internet in the near future.

This seems to be the marketing plan for the company producing the Real ID Card in North Carolina and many other states. L1 Identity Solutions, the same company producing the National ID Card for China, is pushing this agenda.

In their 2007 investor’s package, they reveal just how much potential earnings there are for identifications like the Real ID and the number is in the billions.

They list potential uses for the Real ID well beyond law enforcement issues and Department of Homeland Security uses. They envision a future where you need your national ID card for Financial, Healthcare and Transportation.

Beyond that they show commercial uses for the identification such as m-commerce which means your cell phone, PDA and other handheld devices used to buy things on the web. Under those guidelines, if you do not have a Real ID, you cannot buy anything.

Likewise, they list e-commerce or shopping online from your home computer. But this isn’t enough. They also suggest you have a Real ID to access the internet.

Sounds bad, but wait there’s more. Their chart envisions a future, where you have to present your National ID Card for all transactions. No card, no gas, no food, no rights.

The chart below is taken from L-1 Identity Solutions 2007 Investors package and clearly shows what plans they suggest for their technology.

L-1 Identity Solutions Viisage

L-1 Identity Solutions / Viisage even suggests using your National ID / Real id as your voter id card with your party affiliation on it. Perhaps they will want you to list your religion as well, like the Communist Chinese do.

Both Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to stop this massive system form going into place in many states like North Carolina who will happily accept any monies the Federal Government will give them in order to enhance their system including 3-D imaging.

You can take the gold star if you want to, but many are refusing and risking everything by driving without a valid drivers license because they do not want to risk being put into a massive database, being tracked and living like prisoners in the land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

As for me, I will continue to work with politicians to get the National ID/ Real ID repealed.



An August Surprise from Obama?

'Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette': First Lady slammed for lavish Marbella holiday

Obama: Taxpayers Will Be Paid in Full For the GM Bailout

Tell Obama I am not afraid

Obama fundraising, defending auto bailouts...Kagan confirmation vote


ALERT - S510 - Illegal To Grow, Share, Trade, Sell Homegrown Food

Globalists Race To Enforce Criminal Carbon Tax

Portland, OR Shuts Down Kids Lemonade Stand

Federal Workers Pocketed 'Fraudulent' Social Security Payments, GAO Finds

States respond in health care overhaul lawsuit

Judge OK with government prying into personal information

Kagan confirmed as Supreme Court justice

South Carolina's Graham, DeMint part ways on Kagan

Elena Kagan tied to Obama's birth certificate


National Guard Man Faces 16 Years In Jail For Videotaping Police Officer

Speed cameras have caused 28,000 accidents in a decade

Ageing irises could confound biometric checks

Police officers ’smashed OAP driver’s window and dragged him out of car’


Billionaire Donald Bren targeted in $1.4-million ID theft

NC DMV worker accused of running loan scheme from work

Real ID still on track - Its disliked by Real conservatives too

Man's Watch Robbed At Home; Finds Robber Wearing It At DMV Later

Reality sets in for states on Real ID


Valedictorian Exposes Education Sham


IRS To Withhold Indicator That Shows Refunds Owed To Taxpayers

Food stamp use hit record 40.8m in May

Economic recovery falls to thrifty consumers

Uninsured throng free clinic — a symptom of bad economy

In an uncertain economy, shoppers are choosy again


Junk food-addicted rats chose to starve themselves rather than eat healthy food

Teenagers want fluoride-free water

Poison Tap Water Exposed As Soft Kill Weapon


Mom who starved son praised by judge

Homestead dad held without bail after toddler beaten in 'boxing lesson'


Toyota Driver Freed From Prison, Prosecutor Drops Charges


Hackers find a new target in payroll processing

Google Denies 'Devil's Pact' With Verizon on Tiered Services

FCC scraps Net neutrality talks

On Facebook, wife learns of husband's 2nd wedding


New campaign demanding 'gay' Prop 8 judge be booted

U.S. Senate Confirms Anti-gun Radical to the Supreme Court
-- Time to help GOA hold the turncoats accountable


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Categories: Welcome

NC: Does Your "Pro-gun" Democrat Senator Really Support the Second Amendment?

This week, Senator Kay Hagan voted to gut the First Amendment rights of groups like GOA by supporting the so-called DISCLOSE Act.

Next week, she will be faced with a vote that will either protect or undermine your Second Amendment rights as the Senate votes on the confirmation of anti-gunner Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.

Senator Hagan claims to support the Second Amendment and tells folks back home that she is not a mere puppet of the community organizer who occupies the White House. And she wants you to think she is not beholden to anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

So, will she stand up for your gun rights and vote against a nominee who quite possibly could become the most anti-gun member of the Supreme Court?

She hasn't said yet.

Remember, she voted for Sonia Sotomayor after being assured that she recognized the Second Amendment as being an individual right.

How did that turn out? In the recent McDonald case, Sotomayor joined the minority dissent that could "find nothing in the Second Amendment's text, history, or underlying rationale that could warrant characterizing it as 'fundamental' insofar as it seeks to protect the keeping and bearing of arms for private self-defense purposes."

Now comes Elena Kagan offering the same empty promises about respecting the Supreme Court's decisions in Heller and McDonald.

Kagan said nothing in her confirmation hearings that would preclude her from gutting the Second Amendment every chance she gets. In fact, everything that's known about Kagan paints a portrait of a forceful, politically-driven gun control advocate.

That being the case, there is NO WAY any senator who claims to support the Second Amendment could vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court!

Please contact Senator Hagan and urge her to OPPOSE Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. If you would like more specifics on Kagan's anti-gun history, please check out our previous Kagan alert at

Action: Below is a sample prewritten letter that you can use to communicate with Senator Hagan. Please go to her website and paste in the prewritten letter or your own comments urging her to vote against anti-gun extremist Elena Kagan.

Contact info:

Phone: 202-224-6342

Prewritten letter:

Dear Senator Hagan,

The confirmation hearings on Elena Kagan are over. Nothing that was said over the course of the week offered any assurances that Kagan would not be an anti-gun judicial activist.

Senator, you claim to support the Second Amendment and have attempted to assure voters that you do not follow lock-step with the agendas of the President and anti-gun Majority Leader.

Will you stand up for the right to keep and bear arms and vote against the confirmation of Elena Kagan, a nominee who quite possibly could become the most anti-gun member of the Supreme Court?

Last year, you voted for Sonia Sotomayor after being assured that she recognized the individual right to keep and bear arms... then she turned right around and ruled against the Second Amendment in the McDonald case.

Now comes Elena Kagan offering the same empty promises about respecting the Supreme Court's decisions in Heller and McDonald.

Kagan said nothing in her confirmation hearings that would preclude her from gutting the Second Amendment every chance she gets. In fact, everything that's known about Kagan paints a portrait of a forceful, politically-driven gun control advocate.

That being the case, there is NO WAY any senator who claims to support the Second Amendment could vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court!

Please defend my gun rights and vote against Elena Kagan, and insist that the President nominates someone who truly respects the Second Amendment.




Obama official led Soros 'fund' supporting world government

UPDATE: White House Reacts to Guest's Criminal Past


Gov.'s spokesman answers News10 viewer questions on California state budget and furlough order

House Rejects Bill to Aid Sick 9/11 Responders

Ethics charges set stage for Rangel to face House trial

Sen. Jim Webb Continues to Hinder Extension of Agent Orange Benefits for Vietnam Vets


Is It Too Soon to Worry about an American Police State or Too Late?

'Privacy pasties' sold to fliers embarrassed by full-body scanners at airports

Morris County faces lawsuit from officer who refused to fire gun while pregnant


The End of Capitalism?: Part 2B. Social Limits And The Crisis

Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit

When the Tax Hikes Are Coming

AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011

Bullard Urges Fed Buy Bonds If Deflation Risk Grows

Americans Buy IPads While Broke in New Abnormal Economy


Homeowner Shoots Man Accused Of Breaking In


Data breaches blamed on organised crime

Scant news about new rules


Lawsuit: Antimicrobial Soaps Damage Reproductive Organs

National campaign guiding ill adults to end lives advertises on Hillside billboard

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed


What Boycott? Arizona Tourism is Booming

Arizona sheriff not relenting after court ruling

Mexican Flag Flies as Dozens Arrested at Illegal-Immigration Law Protests

BIG SIS: Amnesty by bypassing congress?


Woman's nude photos exposed by tech support

Attacking the edges of secure Internet traffic

Leaked Afghan war files pose 'dangerous' risks: Gates

Hacker Proves Facebooks Public Data Is Public

Convention hackers told to keep it conventional

Malware openly available in China, researchers say

Security researcher demonstrates ATM hacking

'Iranian Hacker' takes down town of York's Web site

Hackers attacking online bank accounts

Albanians Hack Serbian Websites: War Over Kosov...


URGENT: Senate vote on "Financial Reform" this week

The Senate will vote on the Frank-Dodd financial (non)reform bill (H.R. 4173) this week and possibly as soon as today. Although it has the votes to pass, it doesn't yet have the 60 votes needed to break a filuster.

This bill will only strangle our already-ailing economy, and will do nothing to prevent future financial collapses or bailouts. Please tell your Senators to support the filibuster and oppose Frank-Dodd through our Reduce Regulations campaign.

You may borrow or copy from this letter . . .

Reducing regulations would actually be the best reform of the financial system. The fraudulent Dodd-Frank bill will only create powerful new armies of regulators who won't actually reform anything.

As David C. John and James L. Gattuso of the Heritage Foundation point out . . .

* At 2,300 pages, none of you will have read the bill or know what, exactly, is in it
* The bill empowers regulators to seize private property and "wind down" firms they, and they alone, judge to be "failing."
* A Committee to guard against "systemic risk" won't possibly possess all the knowledge to do their job, and will only discourage and stifle innovation
* The Consumer Protection bureau will reduce the number of options and choices of informed, responsible customers
* The new bureau will also issue supposedly "consumer-friendly" regulations that will conflict with the goal of other regulators of protecting the safety and soundness of financial firms
* By abolishing retail debit card fees (a practice that had nothing to do with the crisis), banks will be forced to raise revenue other ways such as eliminating free checking (and some banks have already begun to do this)
* The bill does nothing to reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two firms that played a huge role in causing the financial crises - which makes future bailouts probable

It gets worse . . .

* A provision to audit the Federal Reserve was gutted in the final bill
* Section 342 seems to require quotas for women and minorities for government agencies and contractors, as if current laws and current departmental civil rights enforcers weren't enough

I don't see how this bill provides ANY benefit to me or to the nation. Instead of reforming our financial system, it just empowers politicians and bureaucrats to reward your friends and punish your enenemies.

A REAL reform bill would . . .

* require greater accountability in the market by forcing even large firms to face the threat of bankruptcy
* abolish "government sponsored enterprises" like Fannie and Freddie
* provide a real and thorough audit of the Fed, whose decisions did so much to cause the crisis

Please introduce real reform that would unleash our over-regulated economy. And I DEMAND you oppose Dodd-Frank!


You can send your letter through's Educate the Powerful System.

If you live in one of the following states, it would also be particularly helpful to call your Senator:

Iowa: Chuck Grassley (Republican)
Maine: BOTH Susan Collins (Republican) AND Olympia Snowe (Republican)
Massachusetts: Scott Brown (Republican)
Washington: Maria Cantwell (Democrat)
Wisonsin: Russ Feingold (Democrat)

You will see your Senator's phone number when you are logged into the system.

And we encourge all of you to tell your friends to take action! Forward this to your friends and share it on Facebook:

Thanks for doing your part to Downsize DC!

Jim Babka



Census workers might show up at your door

You Have a Right to Question the Census Worker

Census Workers, Local Officials Harass, Take Possessions of Homeless


Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”
“Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System”

More Evidence Of BP Corexit Chemical Rain Blowing Into Fort Worth Texas

Residents outraged: BP dumping oily waste in Gulf landfills

128 BP Oil Cleanup Workers Sickened in Louisiana – Told NOT to go to Public Hospitals

BP Claims Cap Progress As Oil Spews Freely

New BP Data Show 20% of Gulf Spill Responders Exposed to Chemical That Sickened Valdez Workers

The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas


White House officially hands cyber oversight to DHS

Obama’s Summer of Misery and Hardship Tour Hits the Road


MO Senate chief ousts panel chairman Purgason for blocking Ford bill

Man threw horse manure at police officer in State College, authorities say

Cuba offers to free political prisoners

Protesters slam G20 mass arrests

The Murder of Dr. David Kelly


Agents Provocateurs: Police State Canada

Fingerprints Now Required At Poway Skate Park

Senate bill would make airport body scanners mandatory

Feds 'Disappear' Edgar Steele - Mystery Deepens

Free speech in Barack Obama's America: Whatever you say, say nothing


Pelosi's comments off the mark

India's 'Hearts Of Darkness' - Horrific Sweat Shops

Central banks start to abandon the U.S. dollar

More and more Americans preparing for social unrest

Retail Sales in U.S. Probably Fell for Second Month as Economy Moderated

Presenting The Wall Of Worry: The 50 Ugliest Facts About The US eCONomy


The mystery of Lord Mandelson's finances


Parents Demand Recall of Pampers With Dry Max

Monsanto's Roundup - Be Warned

Aspartame Jumps Premature Births Up To 78%

Australian vegetables poisoned as police probe sabotage


Iowa AG still beating around the bush


Appeal likely in 'lunatic' marriage rulings

Transgender seeks millions for 'distress'


D.C. Jury to Watch Porn

Lesbian couple's savage assault leaves male neigbour who made pass at them for dead


DARPA Wants Instant, On-Demand Airstrikes, Removing Middlemen from the Bomb-Dropping Proces


iTunes Hackers Strike Again, This Time With Travel Apps

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 updates to stop this week


Can you see the government's hidden role in the BP oil spill?

Quote of the Day: "Government's view of the economy can be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." -- Ronald Reagan (paraphrased)

The politicians meddle with everything. For example, when it comes to energy production there are . . .

* Direct subsidies
* Tax breaks and tax penalties
* Liability limits, but also potential fines if you don't do things just right

What a meddling muddle! This is why . . .

It's fair to say that the federal government played a hidden role in the BP oil spill. To learn more read the sample letter to Congress below.

We think it would be better . . .

* For oil companies to pay all the costs and carry all the potential risks of each drilling project
* To have all of these costs and risks reflected in the prices consumers pay, rather than hidden in legislation and regulations

In other words, there should be . . .

* No subsidies or special tax breaks
* No liability limits
* No tax-funded bailouts, or government run clean-up funds
* And regulations should be provided by insurance companies who are putting their own money at risk

If, after reading the sample letter to Congress below, you agree with us that this approach would better protect both the environment and the taxpayer, then please send Congress a letter telling them that. You can use's No Bailouts campaign to send your letter.

You may borrow from or copy this sample letter . . .

The BP oil spill is another example of the destructive nature of government guarantees and bailouts.

I know that BP has agreed to pay more of the clean-up costs, beyond the government-provided liability cap. I also know that they've been threatened by Congress and the Administration if they don't. But this is hypocritical, because Congress created the liability cap and the clean up fund in the first place! In 1990, Congress passed a law that . . .

* capped oil company liability for spills at $75 million
* set up a fund, paid for by the oil companies, to pay for the rest of the clean-up

In effect, this is a government-run oil spill insurance program, but without the risk management incentives provided by real insurance companies. This whole scheme was a terrible idea from the start, and has been used to bail out companies that cause oil spills a whopping 51 times!
Because of the liability cap, BP may have been less cautious than it would have been if its own money had been at risk.

In addition, a lack of regulation has been blamed for the BP spill. But government regulators . . .

* don't have the profit and loss incentive that private insurance companies do; they don't go out of business for their mistakes
* tend to impose one-size-fits all rules that don't work as well as the site-specific requirements that insurance companies impose
* and often act as partners in the industry they regulate, not as watchdogs

But imagine if we had a free market in energy . . .

* Oil companies would be liable for ALL the damage they cause
* And this would compel them to seek liability insurance in the private market

In turn, insurance companies would . . .

* demand the strictest standards to prevent accidents and spills because, unlike government regulators, they would be financially responsible for any mishaps
* and, if the risks are too great, they would deny coverage

If off-shore drilling is too risky, that means no one in a free market will invest in it, and entrepreneurs would then have a huge incentive to develop less-risky energy alternatives. This would be a good thing! This is what you politicians claim to want!

This means that a true free market in energy would actually reduce accidents and CREATE A CLEANER ENVIRONMENT.

I therefore demand that you put an end to government meddling in energy production.

1) Instead of raising the liability cap for oil spills, remove all government liability caps on all forms of energy production
2) Instead of inefficient and counter-productive government regulations, allow private insurance to set requirements for off-shore oil drilling and other forms of energy production, such as nuclear, which is also currently protected by government liability limits
3) Get rid of all subsidies, tax breaks, and tax penalties so that we can benefit from free and fair competition among all energy producers

Once these three market-based policies are in place, energy companies will bear the true capital expense of their projects -- instead of the taxpayers. Risky and dangerous projects will flop. But profitable projects should be allowed to proceed -- including drilling for oil.


You may send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

And help spread the word! Forward this to friends and share it on Facebook.

Thanks for helping to Downsize DC!

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


The Census Man Cometh

Warning: Not All Census Worker's Have Been Screened


Obama is Losing Ground in Latin America due to Neglect


AL Candidate Dale Peterson's Campaign Ad Goes Viral

Feds Single Out IRS Tax Critic for Harsh Treatment

Energy bill would create more red tape

Senator: Kagan Argued Government Could Ban Books

Paul may hand Tea Party its biggest victory

Not a good year to be an incumbent

Anti-Incumbent Mood Hovers Over Senate Primaries

Primaries put incumbents on the line

Sestak, Specter Tied in PA Senate Democratic Primary

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln is latest incumbent in primary trouble

A Tale of Two Libertarians

4 little words + 1 American flag = 'offensive'


7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid

Stripping citizens of rights looks like police state

Don't get caught by the red-light camera

Pleasant Hill Officer Fired Following Burglary Charge

Supreme Court: Sex offenders can be held indefinitely

Taping Intelligence Interrogations, and Various Resources


New Jersey DMV Mixup - A Case Of Mistaken Identity

SC: Photo ID cards are a waste of time, money

Hotel data breaches the result of basic failures within industry

Fed Up With Facebook? Delete it, and Here's How

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has passport confiscated


Seniors told they can't pray aloud

Game-fixing charges


The diet that helps you lose your paunch

'Shocking' conditions at Tylenol plant

Birth rate drops, problems rise


Pro-life groups find useful tool in Obamacare


Hacker stole and posted MJ kids videos on You Tube


LA Council Bans Official Travel to Arizona to Protest Immigration Law


Shiite muslim Ms USA Arab-American from Michigan Crowned 2010 Miss USA


Permalink 01:04:19 pm, by live free radio jp Email , 638 words, 2015 views   English (US)
Categories: Welcome, News, Real ID, Economy, The US Constitution, Elections, Take Action, laws, Illegal Immigration, Christian Information, Police State, Technology, Abortion, Socialism, Health

News for April 23 2010


Overwhelmingly, Americans see Obama inviting attack

President Obama Vacations in Asheville, NC

Obama tells feds to check Arizona immigration bill

Obama slams Wall Street ways while asking support

ObamaCare, amnesty expand Dems' control

Obama backers show signs of disappointment

Blago Asks for Subpoena of Obama

Retired Army general: Lt. Col. Lakin has 'valid point'


Snitker Makes Florida History In Senate Bid

SEC Porn Probe: Workers Viewed Sex Materials as Economy Tanked

Goldman Sachs Was Both Lloyds Underwriter And Investor, FT Reports

Voter registration deadline approaching fast(Oregon)

Liberty vs. the Constitution: The Early Struggle

Fla. GOP Under Criminal Probe

Pelosi will profit from Obama-Waxman-Markety cap-and-trade energy bill

Conservative Group ALIPAC Demands Senator 'Admit Homosexuality'

J.D. Hayworth Denounces ALIPAC's Accusations That Lindsey Graham's Gay

Ron Paul, mason?


Fire Alarm Company Burned by e-Banking Fraud Krebs on Security

Rash of burglaries in Greene County seem to work of multiple groups

Government goes high-tech to redesign $100 bills


DMV Computer Software Creates Problems For Driver

Friday hearing scheduled on Real ID licensing

VA Revokes Plates With Coded Message of White Supremac

The National ID: Would It Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem?

Opposition continues to 'Real ID' driver's license proposal

Puerto Rican Officials Scrap Millions of Birth Certificates


McAfee false positive exploited by hacker

Blippy Accidentally Exposes Users Credit Card Numbers With Google Search


Officers Bust Large Marijuana Grow Operation


Health care costs expected to rise in wake of reform

Nearly 4M to pay health insurance penalty by 2016

Report says health care will cover more, cost more

Dem faith in Obama plunges as health-care details emerge


Susan G. Komen for the Cure makes mockery of self with KFC

Deadly airborne fungus in Oregon set to sprea

White Nose Syndrome Hits MO

Spanish Hospital Claims First Full Face Transplant


On 40th Anniversary, Earth Day Is Big Busines

James Cameron: Climate Change as Great as Any Threat Since World War II

'Climategate' blazes up Amazon's best-seller lists

EPA prods Congress to act by issuing rules


KY abortion clinic falls victim to video sting


School prayer at issue in Florida

Utah to Consider Elimination of 12th Grade



Polish Plane Crash Truth Video

US Senator Graham asked to Admit His Homosexuality at Tea Party Event

Colbert Urges Lindsey Graham To Release Straight Sex Tape


Obama's "jobs" video and town halls

You can tell what folks are thinking about most by listening to what they talk about. Pretty simple principle.

President Obama gave a "jobs" speech in Ohio a few days ago, and we analyzed it hoping to find some good policy ideas for getting our economy moving again. Instead, we found something amazing.

The president actually said the word "taxpayers" two times and he said the words "small business" 8 times. But, guess how many times he referred to himself with "I" or "me"?!? You have to watch the video to find out, and you'll have to see it to believe it! Watch the video.

So what can we expect tonight?

You may have heard that President Obama has proposed a three-year "freeze" on federal spending, and that may sound good on its face. But it's really a gimmick to make it look like the administration has heard your voice about the size of government.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just released its projections for the coming year and they found something interesting. Without Obama's "freeze," discretionary spending would actually decrease over the next four years. So by freezing spending at today's higher level, it would mean spending more!

One more thing about the "freeze" - it freezes in place all of the huge spending increases from Obama's first year in office. When the stimulus was passed, we were told it would be temporary; Obama's freeze would extend that spending for three more years. Don't be fooled.

And, when he talks about job creation, think about the president's two top priorities – a health care takeover and cap-and-trade. Both drive up government spending, take us even deeper into debt, raise taxes on American families and businesses, and kill hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs.

As the president attempts to re-invent his brand tonight, let's make sure we keep the truth detector running full speed.

And, let's make sure we keep up the fight for our freedoms.

Tim Phillips


As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow--First Chill--Then Stupor--Then the Letting Go


Record number of young Americans jobless

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site 1/26/10


Obama's fiscal freeze follies 1/27/10

Obama a 'deficit peacock' 1/27/10

Congressman Admits: ‘We’re Told Not to Call it Another STIMULUS Bill
— Calling it a JOBS Bill’

Obama to offer middle class 'window dressing' 1/26/10


Tax and Spend: U.N.'s Rx for New World Medical Order,2933,583670,00.html?test=latestnews


No Strings Attached per Senator Brogdon

The FTC Needs to Shut Up!

O'Keefe: "I Am A Journalist. The Truth Shall Set Me Free."

What's Really Going On In Haiti? by Chuck Baldwin 1/26/10

Great Scott! 1/26/10


Compact Fluorescent Lights Dumping Mercury Directly into Landfills

Blockbuster movie conveys disturbing message 1/26/10


Confessions of a former feminist 1/26/10


'Women's groups' protest plans to air Tebow pro-life ad during Super Bowl 1/27/10

Alaskans call for vote on parental consent 1/26/10


Disgraced pastor is freed of gay urges, wife says


Political asylum for home schoolers 1/27/10


Air America - death of a diversion 1/27/10


Permalink 03:42:04 pm, by live free radio jp Email , 1045 words, 3773 views   English (US)
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Are You a Servant or a Slave?

Many who call themselves Christians think of themselves as servants. They serve God and help those in need such as the homeless, the poor, the widows and so forth. They do that which the Word of God commands them.

They do this out of Love for God and his word. To do these thing reflects the Love of Christ that dwells within them.

However, there are many who call themselves Christians who still celebrate Pagan holidays. Many do it out of tradition or even misguided faith. Others do it because they are simply ignorant of God's word.

God's Word clearly tells us that we are not to participate in pagan rituals or witchcraft, yet many Christians participate in Halloween.
Many have great excuses for doing so such as:

"The kids just want to have fun."
"I dont want my child to feel left out."
I am not worshiping Satan or practicing witchcraft, so there is no harm there."

The list goes on and on. In their hearts they know it is wrong, but most do not want to let go of tradition.

I once went to a church where I taught Sunday School and talked about Halloween. Later in the week, I went to the store and saw one of my class members in the Halloween isle looking at costumes with their little ones. I didn't say a word and turned away. As I started to do so, I noticed she looked up, saw me, quickly grabbed her little ones hands and went around the corner.

Was she afraid that I would turn her into some kind of Church police for participating in Halloween? I highly doubt it. perhaps she remembered Gods word and our last bible study and her heart was convicted of what she was doing.

I never mentioned it to her. I figured there was really nothing I could say since, I had already showed her God's Word. She obviously chose to disobey it and God was already dealing with her.

You see, when we as Christians choose to Serve God,we are servants, but when we choose to go against God's word, we bring ourselves into the bondage of sin. Sin is bondage and we can only be free when we live in

James 1:22 ~ But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (KJV)



No men OR women needed: artificial sperm and eggs created for first time

Dark Comet in 2012? Researcher Unravels Potential Doomsday Culprit 10/27/09

New Body Worlds exhibition opens at Singapore Science Centre


Food Prices Will Soar 10/30/09

In a Decade, Dollar Will Fall to Zero 10/29/09

Dollar Will Keep Falling 10/30/09

Bankers Expect Rising Bonus Pay to Break Records in Global Poll 10/30/09

U.S. Home Vacancies Rise to 18.8 Million on Defaults 10/29/09

US citizens continue to live in welfare quagmire 10/30/09


Swine flu fears on rise after numerous deaths

Medical chief warns of extremists attacking flu vaccination campaign

Ashland store flier casts doubt about H1N1 vaccine 10/29/09

Swine flu vaccine shots eliminate wrinkles, bad breath and varicose veins, too

Video - Senior Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines

McPrank: 4 teens cited for McDonald’s rap 10/29/09

Sexy Craigslist Ad Allegedly Posted by Social Worker as Revenge on 9-year-old

Fall Of The Republic: Millions Of People Worldwide Take The Red Pill

Video - Capitol Security Stifling Freedom of Speech! 10/30/09

Charged with murder, son who stabbed house raider 10/28/09


Pelosi Denies Public Access to Public Space for Public Plan Announcement

Pelosi vs. the "Nazi Pelosi" bullhorn people 10/29/09

You Tube Video


Premiums to Skyrocket Under Obamacare 10/29/09

It's alive! End-of-life counseling in health bill 10/29/09

House Dems unveil health bill, cheered on by Obama 10/29/09

Obama inks defense bill with hate crimes provisio 10/29/09


CBO Estimates House Bill Cost at $1.055T 10/30/09

Skin cream contains fetal proteins 10/28/09

China Drywall Emits Gas; No Tie to Illness, U.S. Says 10/29/09

Organ transplant horrors: Diseased organs routinely implanted into donation recipients 10/29/09


Backdrop for Obama's announcement of fuel-efficiency grants? Foreign-built truck 10/29/09


Thousands of nursery school children branded racist by teachers 10/30/09

Elementary School T-Shirts With Sex Line Phone Number Recalled 10/29/09


Soda vigilante recovers after attempted robbery


'Dumb' American criminals attempt robbery with ‘permanent marker pen disguises’ 10/30/09


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NC Legislators & DMV Create Corrupt ID System

NC Legislators & DMV Create Corrupt ID System

March 18, 2008

Experts will tell you that putting all of your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. This is true when it comes to investing your money and it is true when it comes to your private personal information.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a secure database. If there were, the Department of Homeland Security, The Pentagon, the State Department and the like could prevent their systems from being hacked. Our state Legislators have been well informed of the dangers of putting all of our private information into one system, but Have chosen to IGNORE the experts. They have also been well informed that such a system is expensive to create and maintain, yet with reckless abandonment, they installed an ineffective and costly system in North Carolina.

This system stores not just your private personal information; it stores your biometric data as well. Currently, the State DMV uses Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), even though it has been proven to be inferior technology.

Will your legislator continue to waste your tax dollars in these tough economic times or will they get a refund on the system currently in place and create a safe and cost effective system that will not waste your tax dollars or put your identity and privacy at risk? Call them today and ask them.


We need everyone on the phone today until Friday calling Rep Coates. Please ask Rep Coates to support our Proposed Legislation. Tell her you understand she is busy working on other legislation, but this is important as well.

Call Several Times a day if you need to, we need to overwhelm the phone lines.

Rep Coates
Phone: 919-733-5784

You can email, but PHONE CALLS ARE A MUST

KEEP GOING FOLKS! we have little time left.


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All Hail Obama


Or should I say Sig Hile? I know I promised a guest tonight, but things change and it will be me talking about tomorrows coronation.

I will of course be discussing several of the articles that are important to you who have sent them to me. Keep them coming. This show would not be possible without you, so keep the support coming my way.

Also, thank you to all of those who are spreading the word aobut this show. We need to wake up as many people as possible and time is running out. People need to prepare themselves to be self sufficient or full reliance on government services. Ask the victims of Katrina how well those options worked for them.

Tune in tonight 7pm EST, 4 pm PST and call in Toll Free 1-888-747-1968

2 Timothy 4:3-4 (King James Version)
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.



Bush Commutes Sentences for Two Former Border Patrol Agents 1/19/09


Superintendent warns against 'inappropriate comments' 1/15/09 - A hint a whats to come

Spike Lee: God Ordained Financial Crisis So Obama Would Win

Starbucks offers free coffee to those who join Obama volunteer corps 1/12/09

Asia stocks gain, gold retreats on Obama hopes 1/19/09

What was Barack Obama like in 1990? 1/19/09

Obama waffles on same-sex 'marriage' 1/19/09

Obama naysayers speak out 1/19/09

Inaugural service speaker has ties to terrorism 1/19/09

Eligibility battle rages on 3 fronts 1/19/09

King Obama: House Considers Repealing 22nd Amendment 1/19/09

Obamas nominee for CIA chief has a daughter who just loves anti-American dictators 1/17/09

Obama Pledges Reform of Social Security, Medicare Programs 1/15/09

Obama And U.S. Policy Towards Africa 1/18/09

Obama no different than Bush 1/11/09


MLK's dream also included economic justice 1/17/09


America: What in the world does it want to be? 1/18/09


FEMA pins blame on Louisiana gluttony. MREs ran out too fast in Gustav 1/19/09


Death by mail - Montana's new assisted suicide law 1/19/09


Future of abstinence-only funding is in limbo 1/18/09

Societal Apocalypse


2000-year-old Iron Age gold coins found 1/19/09


Scientists using own kids as test subjects 1/18/09


8 ways illegal immigrants are making you sick 2/14/08

Cross-border kidnappings on the rise 1/17/09


Global Depression. This Doesn't Look Good: Taiwan, Korea and China Exports Tank 1/19/09


Fla Settles Suit $1.00 to each Driver $285 Million to Lawyers 1/16/09


California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants 1/17/09,0,4472460.story

Economic Crisis and Social Turbulence in the Baltic States 1/19/09

Fannie, Freddie And Now, Hannie 1/16/09

Ford starts making Fiesta in China 1/15/09

Internet, economy offer Bible store no salvation

Film, Porn Shoots Sought by Los Angeles Homeowners Hit by Slump 1/16/09


Military Enlistments Up as Job Opportunities Disappear in America 1/19/09


$5,000 Paper House is the World's Swankiest Hobo Pad 1/19/09


Hep B Jab Linked To Male Development Disability


Lasting solution: single state in Israel/Palestine, committed to civil & human rights of all peoples within its boundaries 1/19/09


The Obama Stutter

Did I hear this right? CNBC Exposes the illuminati Manipulating the Economy

Keith Olbermann - 8 years in 8 minutes


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Happy New Year!

I want to thank each and everyone of my listeners for supporting the show. All of you who are sending me stories and information that may not otherwise have been reported if it had not been for you.

I pray that I will be able to continue to provide you news and information that the old main stream media will not report on or sweep under the rug.

I hope that everyone is making their New Years Resolution. I have several and will discuss a few of them on the air. You are welcome to discuss your as well.

Listen in to my live show tonight

Keep Living Free,

Matthew 6:12.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.



China dairy boss delayed reporting quality issues 12/31/08


Israel pushes ahead as Gaza assault enters day 5 12/31/08

Just let me die 12/30/08


Ron Paul: Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme 12/29/08


Appalachian Basin Natural Gas Play 12/31/08


Unclear if Warren will pray in Jesus' name at inauguration

Message to Congress: Protect Constitution 12/29/08

Eligibility case finds 'standing'?
New suit claims unique state law enables citizens to demand proof


Mexico suspends purchases from 30 U.S. meat plants 12/26/08

Appeals may delay payments in pet food case 12/30/08,0,7068848.story

Processed food may fuel lung tumors: Korean study 12/30/08


Smoking ban leads to major drop in heart attacks 12/31/08


Atheists: No praying at inauguration! 12/30/08


EXCLUSIVE: RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts 12/30/08

No end in sight for US property slump as prices fall at record rate 12/31/08

In east Fort Worth, taking aim at a new wave of panhandling 12/30/08

Almost one in 10 Floridians are on food stamps 12/29/08

Gasoline buying down 2.9 pct in Christmas week 12/30/08

In a Recession Executives Make Quick Getaways 12/30/08


Slack U.S. Demand is Felt From China to Munich 12/31/08


Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies 12/26/08


Business groups sue over Homeland Security E-Verify program 12/31/08

10 time deported Mexican wanted in sexual-assault cases arrested 12/31/08

Bush pardons man that hired illegal immigrants while ignoring Ramos and Compean 12/29/08

Hezbollah Terrorists Smuggled Across Border: 60-year prison term for smuggler! 12/29/08

Illegal baby boom hits Big Easy 12/29/08


Blago: I'm Still the Decider 12/31/08

Ron Paul 2012 On MSNBC 12/31/08

Scenic Pakistani valley falls to Taliban militants 12/30/08

Ex-aides say Bush never recovered from Katrina 12/30/08


Police Protection


Web browser flaw could put e-commerce security at risk


Family believes cruise passenger jumped into sea 12/30/08


Clintons Selected To Drop Times Square Ball On NYE 12/30/08


new years traditions 12/30/08

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