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God Given Rights?

I was asked to discuss this issue and so I will. On tonights show, I will go over just some of our God Given Rights and show where they are in the scriptures. more »
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  05:11:57 am, by JP   , 214 words,  
Categories: Take Action

RED ALERT! Free Speech Sneak Attack in DC! Call now!

We just received word that the US Senate may vote TODAY on an amendment by Senator Durbin that would reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine" to regulate free speech on talk radio and the web! more »


  03:46:56 am, by JP   , 1153 words,  
Categories: Take Action

Gun Owners of America Alert


Are Your Prepared?

Are Your Prepared for the coming economic collapse of our country? Obama is not Christ Incarnate and he cannot possibly do enough to pull this economy out of the hole. The stock market is still on a free fall, gold is climbing as are other precious metals, the dollar is sinking and consumer product prises are on the rise. more »


Looks Like Texas is in the Fight Now

So far 21 states have reiterated their right as a sovereign state per the Untied States Constitution and that they can reject any and all federal regulations as they see fit. more »


  10:43:30 am, by JP   , 136 words,  
Categories: News, The US Constitution, Take Action


A CALL TO ACTION FOR FREEDOM AND STATE SOVEREIGNTYThe following are members of the committee on Real ID and Personal Privacy with capitol phone numbers. more »



Friday February 13th Another Horror Story out of DC

Anti Gun LegislationVaccination ProgramSocialized Heath CareAll part of the stimulus package that has nothing to do with stimulating the ecconomy. If you don't want any part of this bailout call those members of Congress now. They are not supposed to vote on this today based on their own vote. yet, they are planning to vote on it, even though there is no possible way they can read it in its entirety and check all of the provisions.So much for openness of Government. So much for Transparency.House switchboard: 202-225-3121White House switchboard: 202-456-1414Toll Free # to The Capitol Hill Switchboard: 1-866-220-0044CALL NOW CALL OFTEN! more »


Bailout - Stimulus Equals Destruction of US Economy

Bailout - Stimulus Equals Destruction of US EconomyAfter you are done calling your members of Congress, sending them emails and faxes, so not stop. You must take more steps to protect yourselves. more »

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