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Archives for: "April 2009"

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  01:18:56 am, by JP   , 326 words,  
Categories: News, Health

Swine Flu Preparing Us for Forced Vaccinations?

It is a shame that so much focus is pushed onto this swine flue epidemic when more people are dying of TB and prescription drugs errors every day in the US. more »
 Permalink3 comments


Is the Mexican Swine Flu all Hype?

I am seeing news reports across the country. 40 people in US with confirmed Swine Flu. Mexico Thousands infected, at least 100 dead. The US government has been slow to react. Some news reports from the New Main Stream media are bringing out numbers of thousands dead in Mexico. more »


  04:19:05 am, by JP   , 970 words,  
Categories: News, Take Action, Health

More Swine Flu News

More Swine Flu NewsYou keep sending them to me so I will post as many as I am able. more »


  01:06:57 am, by JP   , 757 words,  
Categories: News, Take Action, Police State, Health

More Swin Flu Outbreaks

Here are just a few articles that came in overnight. Please read them carefully and act accordingly. more »



I know many of you have heard the big news today regarding the Real ID. "Obama, Congress to revisit Real ID" or even better "Napolitano working to repeal Real ID Act." more »


Is Your Work in Vain?

PSALMS Chapter 127 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh [but] in vain. 127:2 [It is] vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: [for] so he giveth his beloved sleep. (KJV)The two passages say so much in so few words. If you build a home or a church and God is not in it, then your labor, your work is worthless. If God is not in your home, you should not expect any type of protection. Sure, you can have a gun, you can have a security system and even insurance, but if you do not have divine protection, then you have nothing. more »


Was He Wrong for Asserting His Constitutional Rights?

I watched the video and heard the pastor's side of the story and read many of the harsh criticisms because he refused to allow his vehicle be searched. more »


Rep Jim Guest of MO on Live Free Radio Today

If you haven't heard the news., Rep Jim Guest defied all odds was able to get his anti real ID Legislation passed in the Missouri House. Jim is a man of principle and determination. He he stood firm in the face of his opposition and came out victorious. more »


  12:38:47 am, by JP   , 589 words,  
Categories: Real ID

NC Legislator Says Stop Talking About Real ID or We May Just Fully Comply

I was a bit surprised when my phone rang and Representative Cleveland (Rep) Onslow County was returning my call from earlier in the day. more »


Party Time, I'll Bring the Tea

Tired of uncontrolled federal Spending?Tired for being called a potential terrorist because:You Love Your CountryYou are a Military VeteranYou believe in the end times according to the bibleYou believe in the ownership of gunsYou support the ConstitutionYou oppose RFIDYou oppose National ID CardYou oppose High TaxesYou oppose the Federal ReserveYou support common sense? more »

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