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  12:38:47 am, by JP   , 589 words,  
Categories: Real ID

NC Legislator Says Stop Talking About Real ID or We May Just Fully Comply

NC Legislator Says Stop Talking About Real ID or We May Just Fully Comply
Friday April 17, 2009

I was a bit surprised when my phone rang and Representative Cleveland (Rep) Onslow County was returning my call from earlier in the day.

I had originally called him in order to thank him for his role in filing a bill that asserted North Carolina's 10th Amendment rights under H849.  A real sign of hope for North Carolinians who expect to be represented by state legislators.

The second reason I wanted to speak with him since he wanted to assert North Carolina's constitutional rights was to ask him to amend H849 to include a provision that would opt NC out of complying with or funding the Real ID.

I wont bore you with all of the details, but Rep Cleveland's attitude changed quite quickly.  He said that NC was 75% compliant with the Real ID and that if I continue to talk about it they may just end up fully complying.

This obvious attempt to silence those of us who want to stop the Real ID legislation that violates our constitutional rights did not stop me from sharing a bit more information with Rep Cleveland.

When I mentioned to him all of the security problems with a centralized database, he said the "We have been doing everything within reason to protect the data."  This despite the recent intrusion of a NC DMV in Carrboro where private data was stolen from a reasonably secure computer system.

When confronted about the facts that no database was secure and that a centralized system would allow a hacker even more of an opportunity to steal identities, Rep Cleveland responded with, "I have had my identity stolen, I didn't like it but it happens."

Of course, NC Residents will be the ones to pay for the damage done to their credit. The average cost to restore a stolen identity is $8,000, and the average amount of time spent repairing the damage is nearly 600 hours. Not to mention that under the Real ID, the private data of every person in NC can be shared with Mexico, Canada, private corporations and whomever the Department of Homeland security deems necessary.

Another issue I brought up to Rep Cleveland was the fact that Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) was basically useless and a recent article reported that such technology showed a 52% likelihood that Winona Ryder was Osama Bin Laden.  Rep Cleveland said that they had the security settings too high and that by lowering them, it wouldn't give off as many false positives.

Study after study has shown at best FRT to be 30% reliable. NC has a 2 Billion dollar budget shortfall.  We should not be wasting taxpayer dollars on this technology.

Before I got off the phone with Rep Cleveland, I told him this issue will not go away and the people of NC do care about what happens to their private data.

Rep Cleveland told me "The people of North Carolina don't have a Bitch about their data because it has been kept secure."  He also went on to tell me that most people in NC do not care about the issue.

Do you care?

Perhaps you need to give Rep Cleveland a call and let him know that you not only care about the Tenth Amendment issue, but you care about the Real ID and how your private data is secured as well.

Representative George G. Cleveland (Rep)

Phone: 919-715-6707


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Party Time, I'll Bring the Tea

Tired of uncontrolled federal Spending?

Tired for being called a potential terrorist because:
You Love Your Country
You are a Military Veteran
You believe in the end times according to the bible
You believe in the ownership of guns
You support the Constitution
You oppose RFID
You oppose National ID Card
You oppose High Taxes
You oppose the Federal Reserve
You support common sense?

Then by all means, get to the tea party and bring some tea. Except in this case the tea will represent knowledge.

Take fliers and information and hand them out and educate people on the various issues.

We don't need to dump anything in the water, they are already contaminated with enough pharmaceuticals to turn the most sober person to appear as a drug addict.

Those of you who are attending events during the show hour are welcome to call in and give a report.

The old main stream media are trying to cover up the fact that millions are out protesting today, but we will cover it.


What happened to the Show Monday?
Well, since my show is done primarily over the Internet as far as the production side goes, I need an Internet connection in order to do the show. Monday, I was not able to gain that access and was not able to do the show. I am working on a system that will help me work around this but until I do...

GOD'S Word for Today
Joshua 10:25 And Joshua said unto them, Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage: for thus shall the LORD do to all your enemies against whom ye fight. (KJV)



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Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss, you have heard it said over and over. The truth of the matter is is Bliss.

If I were ignorant of politics, I most likely wouldn't be doing this show.

I would accept the fact that my rights were being taken away from me for my own good.

I would blissfully accept the national id card and not worry about my private personal data getting into the hands of criminals around the world.

I would ignore that bailouts and stimulus deals being handed out by congress even though it means higher taxes and government controlled business.

I would ignore universal health care and believe it was the right thing to have so everyone could share the wealth and be healthy.

I would ignore government corruption, war, history, politics and be more concerned about what celebrity was caught driving drunk again or who the next big winner on American Idol would be.

I am however far from ignorant and I do want to Live Free. I hope You do to.

Listen in Tonight 7pm EST

John 10:17-18 King James Version (KJV)

17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.

18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.



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Live Free Radio April 08, 2008

Psalms 62:7-8 ~KJV~ "In God is my salvation
and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. Trust
in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him:
God is a refuge for us. Selah."


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Are You The Next Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, John Muir Or Teddy Roosevelt Of The United States?


  09:09:33 am, by JP   , 238 words,  
Categories: News, Real ID, Take Action

North Carolina Legislators Promoting Discrimination?

North Carolina Legislators Promoting Discrimination?
Jim Palmer
North Carolinians Against Real ID
April 07, 2009

Although much time and effort has gone into providing the legislators in Raleigh complete information about the problems involved with the Real ID Act, they have failed to act on it this year.

They could affect proper change if they were concerned about the issues presented to them by those with religious objections such as Christians and Mennonites, Muslims and Jews. They could affect Change if they listened to those of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transsexuals of North Carolina but so far the voices of the people of North Carolina have been ignored.

Are the legislators discriminating against any of these groups with their inaction on the Real ID?

The deadline for the Legislators to act on this issue by placing legislation into the budget is April 21, 2009.

Will they act quickly to resolve this issue or will they let a precious opportunity slip by?

Please call the Following Legislators and tell them You do not appreciate being discriminated against. Tell them to address the concerns of the People of North Carolina protect their citizens' information from Centralized Databases, biometric Facial Recognition Technology and prevent funding for the Real ID.

Senator Marc Basnight (Dem)
President Pro Tempore
Phone: (919) 733-6854

Representative Joe Hackney (Dem)
Speaker of the House
Phone: 919-733-3451 )

Governor Bev Perdue
Phone: (919)733-4240

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