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Americans Angry Democrats Fearful


Americans Angry Democrats Fearful

Members of the Senate and house ignored the will of the people and ignored those they are supposed to be representing and passed the Obama health Control Bill.

Some Americans are so angry because their voices were completely ignored that they have resorted top vandalism and threats. While most Americans can feel their frustration, it is not condoned.

As a Christian, the bible teaches us to"Be ye angry, but sin not." Anger is understood and justified when it comes to the lies, manipulation and the closed ears of the liberals in DC.

So go ahead, be angry, but dont get yourself thrown in jail, instead, consider using that pent up anger towards some good.

  • Start a web site or blog showing all the things that is wrong with your current legislator or one of your choice.
  • Find a campaign you can support and volunteer to reach out to the voters.
  • Write letters to your editor discussing why you want to see a certain legislator voted out of office.
  • If you are able, apply to run for office yourself.
  • Call & visit your state legislators and demand they block this obamacare legislation under tenth amendment.
  • Use your church and social groups as a means to help you gather opposition against the current deomcrat in office.
  • Finally, try to replace some of the democrats with third party members. The Constitution Party is one great option for conservatives and the libertarian party is great for many liberals.

Be angry but use it in a way that will ensure that our Constitutional republic is restored without getting yourself thrown in jail and without causing any type of physical or property damage.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free!

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Numbers Yarn

Have you ever thought of adding videos for your web site posts to keep the readers more interested? I mean I just went through the whole page of yours and it was quite good but because I am far more of a visual learner, I found videos to be far more helpful. well, let me know what you feel.

06/07/10 @ 09:44 am