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We Are The New Main Stream Media. We the People will Spread the Truth Since the Corporate Media will not do its job.


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Are You an Armchair American?


Are You an Armchair American?

Do you pay attention to what is happening top our country? Perhaps complain to your freinds and neighbors about all that is going on, yet you never once get up to call your legislators or never once send them a letter or email?

I hear of so many people every day including those who call themselves conservative Christians, whine and moan about what the socialists are doing to our country, but many of them never do anything about it.

My personal opinion, is if you will not stand up and effect some change, then you need to sit down and shut up. Walk the walk and stop being all talk.

You don't like the National ID / Enhanced Drivers License, you don't like the bailouts and stimulus packages, you don't want all of your medical records put into a database, you want to put an end to taxpayer funded abortion, yet you don't say anything to those making those decisions, then do not waste your breath.

Ever hear of the verse, "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves." James 1:22 (KJV)? This is what we are expected according to the of God to do, be doers.

If your legislators will not listen to your voice, then run for office or get a group of people together so large that they have no choice to listen.

Do not sit on the couch watching as the old main stream media fills your head with their twisted perspective of the news, learn what is going on and then take all legal measures to ensure you effect some change.

Tune in Tonight, 7pm EST.


Obama seeks major change in federal contracting 3/4/09

Britain's Brown warns US against protectionism 3/4/09

Confused by Obamas Planned Obliteration of USA? 3/4/09

Geithner: Obama to fight international tax dodgers 3/3/09 - Oh the sick and twisted irony! Why not start with your own picks?

Top Obama officials defend tax hikes as necessary 3/3/09 Of course its easy to raise taxes when you dont have to pay any yourself.

U.S. soldier gagged on prez's eligibility 3/3/09

Washington Times - Blankley: Obama lied; the economy died 3/3/09

Obama pushes centers as one focus of health reform (Oh Goody, Socialized Health Care and Healthcare for Illegals) 3/3/09

Berg - Obama Destroying Our Constitution 3/3/09

Obama Lied To Gun Owners - Attack Plan Revealed 3/3/09

Obama trade nominee Ron Kirk agrees to pay back taxes 3/2/09 - Wow he agreed to pay taxes. Hmmm I guess only the slaves have to actually pay their taxes

Obamas Foreign Aid Price Tag to Exceed $50 Billion 3/2/09

Key Democrats oppose Obama's tax deduction plan 3/4/09

Obama picks Florida's Fugate to head FEMA 3/4/09


Elderly people are being turned into patients by GPs blindly following guidelines to hand out pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol, a professor has said. 3/3/09

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status 3/3/09

CDC skin disease research (Morgellons) results expected this year 3/2/09

Scientists make HIV strain that can infect monkeys 3/3/09

Italian doctor claims he cloned three babies 3/3/09

Why Do 160,000 Cats Each Year in the USA Develop Terminal Cancer at Their Vaccine Injection Sites? 3/2/09

Another Mother Blames Gardasil for Daughter’s Illness 3/2/09

Supreme Court rejects limits on drug lawsuits


Food prices surge 9% despite inflation fall in UK 3/4/09

With banks refusing credit, business is booming among Britain's pawnbrokers. 3/4/09

Pension bombs going off 3/2/09

Brown Warns Congress of 'Economic Hurricane'


FEMA Camps Outed on Fox

Memos Provide Blueprint for Police State 3/4/09

Study: 1 in 31 U.S. adults in prison system 3/2/09


EXCLUSIVE: 100,000 foot soldiers in Mexican cartels 3/3/09


John Yoo's Legal Groundwork for Subverting the Republic 3/3/09

'Blue Dog' Shuler Tops Pelosi's 'Enemies List' 3/3/09

Holder, Democrats Backing Off Gun Control (NOT TRUE) 3/3/09

Ron Paul: ËœPretty sad" that Limbaugh is GOP leader

Clinton accuses Iran of seeking to intimidate


USDOJ: OPA: Publicly Distributed Documents


Dad, 36, charged with orchestrating a bawdy teen party 3/4/09


China to increase defence spending by 15 per cent 3/4/09


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