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Obama Demands Vote on Health Care Control Bill

Obama once again ignores the will of the people and demands that congress runs an up or down vote on the health care control bill.

I should be amazed at being ignored by those who were elected to represent me, but I like most Americans have become numb to it. Not numb as ignoring it though.

Americans will affect some change come November, but in the mean time the Democrats are forgetting that many of their own constituents do not agree with the health care scheme they are plotting. Yet they want to blame the Republicans for trying to stall it.

How about they quit trying to point fingers and accept the fact that a majority of Americans despite their political views do not want this health care control bill no matter what they call it?

if they continue to ignore us, they will find find themselves looking at a massive influx of third party candidates come November.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free!


Obama takes charge, demands vote on health care

ObamaCare: What happens now?

Obamacare: Still a Threat to Your Life


California Delays Payments, Ponders IOUs Again, Demands 80% of Income Tax Paid Before It's Even Earned

ADP: January Job Losses Were Actually TRIPLE What We Thought,
And No, We Won't Blame The Snowicane


Idaho House Passes Revamped Voter ID Bill

Personal data susceptible to hackers

Police: Hackers infected 13 million PCs


2 women banned from flight for refusing scan

U.S. Senate vote in favor to extend Patriot Act spy provisions

Fusion Centers: A locally owned and operated Intelligence Machine

Facebook Glitch Sends Wrong Messages, Raises Privacy Questions

Facebook Federal Human Data Mining Program

Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook, 24 Feb 2010


Throw The Bums Out? - Not In Texas

Globalist Perry Wins Texas Primary

Winners and Losers in the Texas primary

Charles Rangel temporarily steps down as Ways and Means chairman

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's defense of Rep. Charles Rangel is tepid at best

Senate Approves Jobless Aid, Road Funding

ACORN workers cleared in NYC pimp video


Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth


Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S.

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Barack Obama: You Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

Yes, Obamma said "You Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy". Does he want all of our movements tracked? Does he want everything we do tracked? Open medical, cell phones, health, financial and education records. Everywhere we go and everything we buy should be an open book?

I find it a bit ironic that obama has not releases his school records or birth records, yet he expects all Americans to do so. This type of attitude and mindset is that of a dictator and not a leader. He needs to lead by example if he wants the people to follow.

Meanwhile all children born in the Untied States are forced to submit DNA for testing. This DNA is given to other agencies, including the federal government without parental consent to be stored in a permanent national database.

Now, rember people, Obama is a Constitutional Scholar. He knows the Constitution and how to manipulate it, but we have some clearly defined rights under that document.

U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Under this document, we have the right to private phone calls, we have the right to keep our documents of any kind under our own control, but it seems more and more politicians are using it as a document to loaaht rather than to protect and defend.

2010 will be the year to elect those who will honor this document and not try to twist it for their own agendas or the agendas of their handlers. The real change is coming and don't be surprised to see a huge shift in numbers in both the house and senate this year along with state parties as more and more Americans not only show their disdain for the current political agenda but are getting involved at every level of government to help bring this nation back to the glories of limited government as it was intended and away from the intrusive monster it has become.

GET INVOLVED RUN FOR OFFICE! Get behind someone who will reverse much of the legislation passed that is unconstitutional and allow us all to be able to Live Free.



Census Bureau under fire for multi-million dollar ads


E-Verify Misses Half of Illegal Workers, Report Finds

Contractors outnumber full-time workers at DHS; lawmakers 'astounded'

Your Papers, Please: What the Real ID Act Means for New York

RFID chips reports hand washing habits to the boss


Barack Obama: You Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

White House to push ACORN pet project

Obama plan favors unionism 3/1/10

Doctors tell Barack to quit smoking

White House social secretary Rogers resigning


White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care

Video - Mysterious Bush-Bush-Obama Meeting at Oval Office

Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among Us

Bottom line on health care summit: Dems push ahead

Sen. Charles Rangel makes remarks on benefits of White House health summit


Senate Votes to Create U.S. Tourism Agency

Blanche Lincoln Faces Protesters on Rowdy Filing Day,0,6646987.story

Dodd Consumer Proposal Would Create Bureau of Financial Protection

Ex-Congressman opens consignment shop

States may ban credit checks on job applicants

Senate impasse puts federal employees out of work

The Education of John Jay

Rangel Defies Bipartisan Calls to Resign Powerful Chairmanship

Supreme Court to Weigh Key Patriot Act Provision; Critics Argue
'Material Support Law' Violates First Amendment Rights to Free Speech

Congress approves Patriot Act extension absent new privacy measures

The Next Jobs Bill - Politics - The Atlantic Includes Patriot Act Extension

Military Monitored Planned Parenthood, Supremacists


Supreme Court to hear gun-rights case that reaches beyond 2nd Amendment


Know Your Rights: What to Do If You're Stopped by the Police


Tulsa Restaurant Patrons Step Over Shooting Victim To Reach Pick-up Window

College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy 2/27/10

The short life and long tortured death of Laura Cummings

Police escort student out of class after refusal to recite Pledge of Allegiance

Watford man's campaign to ban airport body scanners

There's an app for that, too — Tampa cops find stolen iPhones with GPS

Supreme Court sets aside strict ruling on Miranda 'right to remain silent'

Police covered for fellow officers who killed two people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

When You Should, Shouldn't Give Out Your Social Security Number

What Microsoft knows and keeps about you


Apple admits using child labour


We need green money, not green jobs 3/1/10

Why the Fed won't stop printing money

Short Selling Restrictions "A Great Indicator of Imminent Market Crashes"

AIG posts $8.9 billion loss on loan repay, reserves

The Great Recession of 2011-2012

Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks, Predicts Billionaire Financier Jim Rogers

Blockbuster Collapses: Shutting Down 500 Stores In Desperate Bid To Save $200 Million

Global Sweatshop Wage Slavery

Housing market shows weakness for 2nd month


Chinese fluoride is a homeland security matter 2/27/10


Fruit juice cancer warning as scientists find harmful chemical in 16 drinks


Dissident Lutherans forming new denomination 3/1/10


Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents' 'global warming suicide pact'


U.S. Secretary of Education Lauds Decision to Fire Entire School Staff


Children and obese hard hit by swine flu: experts


Arizona backs out of western cap-and-trade program

Clean energy doesnt need Cap-and-Trade Tax

John Deere Executives Challenged Directly Over Company Support for Cap-and-Trade


URGENT: Don't be a Patriot Act coward

Three provisions of the so-called USA PATRIOT ACT are set to expire on February 28. You can learn more about them from our February 10 Dispatch.

Instead of letting these unneeded provisions lapse, Congress will likely extend them, perhaps 30 days, or maybe to the end of 2010. BUT THIS COULD HAPPEN AS SOON AS TODAY.

Worse, Congressional leaders will probably insert this extension in unrelated legislation. This is cowardly. This issue deserves an up-or-down vote on its own merits (or lack thereof).

Please express your anger about this by telling Congress to pass the One Subject At A Time Act.

You can borrow from or copy this letter . . .

My understanding is that Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi intend to attach the PATRIOT ACT renewal measure to an unrelated bill, at the last minute. This is wrong. The renewal deserves its own, separate vote.

It seems obvious to me that Reid and Pelosi fear . . .

* a floor debate in which Republicans will shamelessly attack Democrats for being "soft on terror"
* that civil libertarians will be angry if some Democrats vote for the extension

But these are exactly the kinds of debates, and stands, we need our representatives to have and to take. Plus, Reid and Pelosi are being silly if they think civil libertarians won't be angry about the extension being passed as a part of unrelated legislation. This will increase our anger, not diffuse it.

Please make the following case to Reid and Pelosi . . .

* the Constitutionality and effectiveness of these provisions deserve to be debated in both chambers

* this is a debate that the anti-PATRIOT side will win in the court of public opinion

* Americans have lost their fear of terrorism;

* if Democrats lose in the fall, it will definitely not be because they oppose these Patriot Act extensions

* combining unrelated legislation will increasingly be a reason for voters to switch control of Congress to another party

I demand that you oppose ANY bill that contains a Patriot Act extension, no matter how important you think the rest of the bill is. If the bill is really that important then the leadership will resubmit it without the unrelated Patriot Act provisions.

I also demand that you introduce's One Subject At A Time Act to stop the corrupt and cowardly habit of combining unrelated bills into one package.


Because of the urgency of this issue, please also call your Representative and your Senators. Tell them to oppose the Patriot Act renewal. You can find their phone numbers when you log-in to the OSTA Campaign.

Please also make a contribution to further our work.

Jim Babka

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h


States are holding on to your refunds,1651432

Half of America blames Obama for loss of rights

Greece financial crisis spawns riots

Italy convicts 3 Google execs in abuse video case

Southern Avenger Strikes Again: Ron Paul People

Inside the Beltway


Senate to vote on jobs bill, passage likely

Underwater Mortgages Hit 11.3 Million

'It’s Over' For US Economy: Buffett Partner

Consumer Confidence Falls Sharply


School officials continue dodging questions about webcam surveillance

Police: State Sen. Tried To Protect Teen Drinker

Suit possible over baby DNA sent to military lab for national database

DNA Collection At Birth - Big Brother's Ultimate Database

Who Owns Your Babys DNA?

Genetic Privacy

Laboratory Specimen Information for Newborn Screening in the U.S. in 2009


DMV lines grow as Real IDs arrive: New driver's licenses now available in LV

ICE agents take down an identity fraud ring that netted more than 1 million by obtaining New York State driver licenses using stolen identities


Teacher tackles gunman supected in school shooting


Do you have a right to be anonymous?

Quote of the Day: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
-- Voltaire (attributed)

Subject: Do you have a right to be anonymous?

We need your help to file another brief with the Supreme Court. This time we want to protect your right to speak and act anonymously

This message will explain . . .

* Why the right to anonymity is important
* The controversial nature of the case about which we want to file a brief
* What the brief will cost and how much time we have

Your right to be anonymous

You already exercise your right to anonymity when you vote. Without the secret ballot you would be vulnerable to various forms of intimidation. Other forms of anonymous expression used to be protected. For instance . . .

America's Founder's published anonymously

The country you know and love probably wouldn't exist without anonymous expression. Many of the most influential writings of the Founding era were published anonymously . . .

. . . including the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers.

The men who debated the Constitution wanted to be able to speak their minds, without fear of retribution. So . . .

If anonymous expression was important for the creation of the United States, isn't it important for you too?

For instance, should you be able to . . .

* Distribute anonymous pamphlets
* Make anonymous contributions to candidates
* Broadcast anonymous advertisements

This kind of anonymity was crucial to the civil rights movement

In the past, the identity of those who contributed to the work of civil rights movement was legally protected, in order to shield them from retribution, intimidation, and violence.

It's doubtful the civil rights movement could have obtained the funding it needed without the legal right for people to both make and receive anonymous donations.

But YOU don't have this right today. You cannot . . .

* Make anonymous contributions to candidates for federal office
* Solicit anonymous donations if you're running for federal office
* Advertise anonymously, if you're subject is the election of one or more of your federal rulers

As a result . . .

* You're vulnerable to potential intimidation by your employer, the press, the government, and even your fellow citizens
* If you run for office on an unpopular platform people may fear retribution for supporting you, so you may not be able to raise much money -- your ideas may remain unpopular simply because your reasons for believing them are never heard

Anonymity vs. Transparency

The politicians and the mainstream media claim that anonymity must be prohibited in order to prevent corruption, but these are self-serving lies. The exact opposite is true. When people are afraid to speak, then corruption flourishes. It's important to realize that you have been shut out . . .

* Minority opinions have no power to corrupt the government, because they have no control over the government
* Incumbent office holders are the people who have the power to do corrupt things, not the challengers you support -- not you, the taxpayer
* Total transparency is something the government owes to you, NOT something that you owe to the government

Does the government work for you, or do you work for the government?

We strongly believe that if YOU want to . . .

* Express yourself freely, and be heard,
* Regain control of your government,
* Be able to much more easily fire and replace your so-called elected representatives, then . . .

ALL aspects of the existing campaign finance laws must be overturned, including those that require the compulsory public disclosure of the names of donors or grass roots activists, like you. We believe the Supreme Court must hear the principled voice of DC Downsizers, because . . .

A new Supreme Court case, Doe v. Reed, may determine how your right to anonymity is treated for years to come

We do NOT get to choose the cases heard by the Supreme Court. But the court's decision may affect your rights for years to come.

Washington state's Secretary of State ruled that the names and addresses of people who signed a referendum petition be made available for their opponents to publish on the Internet. This case is controversial, because . . .

* The referendum petition was for one of those "defense of marriage" amendments. But . . .
* Just like our Quote of the Day states, one doesn't have to agree with the position of the initiative to defend the right of those who signed it to remain anonymous. And . . .
* It appears intimidation was a real possibility in this case.

Those who opposed the "defense of marriage" initiative were understandably passionate about it. They wanted to . . .

* Publish the names of the petition signers online
* Have opponents of the initiative look for the names of people they know so they can, ominously, have a "difficult conversation" with them

Would you find this intimidating?

Have you ever signed a ballot initiative petition? If so, did you ever dream that . . .

* Your name, address, email address, or phone number might be published on the Internet
* People would be encouraged to contact you for a "difficult conversation?"

We think the Golden Rule applies here . . .

If you ever want to be able to speak and act anonymously, then you must also protect this right for those with whom you disagree.

We also think this case is a immensely important opportunity to educate the Supreme Court about YOUR right to anonymous expression. This is why . . .

* We're participating in a coalition effort, working with the Free Speech Coalition, to file this amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in the Supreme Court case, Doe v. Reed.
* The expected cost is $15,000, and we need to cover a portion of this expense.
* Our legal team needs to hear from us this week. In fact . . .

We cannot commit to help without a substantial response to this appeal.

Will you help us defend your right to anonymous expression?

* You can use our secure online contribution form to make a donation for this purpose to the Downsize DC Foundation.
* Donations to the Downsize DC Foundation are tax-deductible, if you itemize deductions on your tax returns.
* We will send you a receipt.

And to thank you for your support . . .

* Donors who provide an email address on the contribution form will receive a pdf copy, via email, of the brief you helped support.
* If you want YOUR gift to be ANONYMOUS, please check the "Do not add my name to any public lists" box on our contribution form -- otherwise we may gratefully acknowledge your donation in a future Downsizer-Dispatch.
* Donors who give more than $60 in a one-time contribution, or make a new, credit-card pledge of $7 or more per month to the Foundation, will receive a printed copy of the brief, printed to Supreme Court specifications.

Please join us in supporting YOUR right to anonymous expression.

Jim Babka, President
Perry Willis, Vice President
Downsize DC Foundation

Obamacare 3.0 Now Released

President Stamps His Imprint on ‘ObamaCare’

Public option - a labor union payback - lives on

Outlook no brighter for Obama's new health plan


Democrats attack Obama energy plan


Doomsday Predictions Tax Illinois

The New Poor

Oil price reaches six-week high as dollar weakens


President Creates Need to Reject Health Care Bill, Says Fr. Pavone

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned
alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences

States Rights proposed in Jefferson City

Lindsey Graham Seeks to Bail Out General Electric and Rescue Obama's Energy Policy

Tennessee Eagle Forum - Leading the Pro-Family Movement since 1972!

Shadow Government Statistics The Real Unemployment Rates


CDC REDUCES H1N1 Vaccine supplies

Disagree with the admiral on 'gays'? No way!

Debate bubbles over pulpit 'electioneering'

Atheist sign = hate speech

Panel approves Bible classes for public schools

Unregistered Christians targeted in Uzbekistan


Time for new generation of black Americans

ABORTION NEWS (Hey it's just dead babies)

Via 'accounting trick,' taxpayers foot abortion bills

Kansans seek 'choice' for abortion coverage

Oregon opens state's largest abortuary (New State Motto:Got Knocked up? We kill the unborn)


Ron Paul on CNBC Squak Box Part 1 - Feb 22nd, 2010


Pelosi to unveil their "new" health care Feb 25th

I hate to tell you, BUT the battle to stop the takeover of our health care is not over.

In 4 days, on February 25, President Obama will hold a "Health Care Summit" where he and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will unveil their "new" health care plan that they are currently writing in secret behind closed doors.

The Left is hoping their "summit" will be the game-changer they need to re-launch their scheme to take over our health care system.

You and I need to make sure that does not happen.

At Americans for Prosperity, we're holding our own Critical Care: The Patients' Summit to deliver a simple message: the American people have rejected this trillion-dollar takeover of health care. So Congress should start over from scratch, or better yet, focus on policies that create jobs and get our economy moving again.

First, we'll gather outside the Blair House at 9:30 a.m. on February 25 where President Obama will be hosting his "summit." We'll make sure attendees like Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid hear our message as they head inside.

Then, beginning at 11:30am we will hold our own Critical Care: The Patients' Summit at the JW Marriott in DC.

If you can't join us in person in Washington, you can still be a part of the Patients' Summit. We'll be Webcasting live online at

Between now and President Obama's "summit," we need to email and call our senators and member of Congress to tell them in advance that the American people do not want another big-government, tax-and-spend, freedom-crushing piece of legislation to come up again.

So, I'm asking you to CLICK HERE to call your elected representatives today.

It's fast. It's easy. More importantly, it makes a difference.

The Left is hoping that we have moved on from the health care battle. They're thinking that President Obama's "summit" is their big chance to get the ball rolling again.

A lot of senators and congressmen are wondering if the mood of the American people has changed.

We've got to show them in a crystal clear fashion that the American people simply do not trust the Washington politicians with our health care.

Thanks for all you're doing and let's keep fighting.

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity


Chuck Baldwin -- I Wish Joe Stack Had Not Killed Himself

The Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew Stack


How to Prosper in a Salvage Economy


Good Luck on Proving You are an American

Utah House votes to not comply with Real ID Act

L-1 Identity Solutions Receives Contract to Provide Secure Driver's License Solution for NJ


Pa. school: Webcams used only on missing laptops

MO Senate approves retrospective DNA collections

TSA to swab passengers' hands at airport


State lawmakers bash Congress to gain voter favor

California Senatorial Candidate Responds to Muslim Hooliganism


Civil Disobedience and the Census


Fake "Conservatives" Embrace Homosexual "Monster"

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