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News for everyone

I have lots of great news stories for you today. I hope that you will tune in and let your voices be heard.


James 5:9.
Grudge not one against another, brethren,
lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge
standeth before the door.


Actor sidelined for extreme mercury toxicity (sushi?) - tell gheen to lay off the sushi

More details about the actor and mercury

FDA Stuns Scientists, Declares Mercury in Fish to be Safe for Infants, Children, Expectant Mothers! 12/17/08


Everything must go! Desperate shops slash prices by up to 90% off in desperate battle to survive 12/19/08

Multicultural displays 'neutering' Christmas 12/18/08

Grinch Tickets Santa As He Delivers Toys 12/17/08


Woman accused of trying to sell 'gothic kittens' 12/18/08

Human-sized heart left at car wash 12/17/08


Obama's choice of evangelical pastor draws ire 12/18/08

Obama planning billion-dollar 'bailout' for abortion industry 12/18/08

Why The Media Blackout On Obama’s Citizenship 12/9/08

Justice Kennedy rejects 2 more challenges to Obama 12/17/08 See email


Bush says he didn't compromise soul to be popular 12/17/08


Ohio prof develops CCTV people-tracker ‘ware from the Register 12/19/08


'Angel' of foreclosure defense bedevils lenders 12/19/08

Smelly jobs suddenly a lot more attractive - People beggng on knees for jobs 12/18/08

** The credit crunch-busting 1937 shopping list that shows you how to feed nine children for £1 (UK) 12/18/08

Mortgage rates fall; Unemployment data still weak 12/18/08

Churches could experience year-end giving drought 12/18/08

Bush considering 'orderly' auto bankruptcy 12/18/08

27,000 Woolworths staff face axe in new year 12/17/08

U.S. Mayors: Hunger and Homelessness Rise 12/17/08

Bush gives automakers bridge loan 12/19/08

Oil plunge despite record OPEC cuts 12/18/08

Stocks Jump, Then Slide Back, After Auto Bailout


Ariz. police say they are prepared as War College warns military must prep for unrest; IMF warns of economic riots 12/15/08


Group urges probe of city crime lab -- 12/18/08,0,3562189.story


Custody crisis for Christian mom 12/18/08


Emissions 'blood-letting' no energy remedy 12/18/08


S. Korean politicians brawl over U.S. deal - Asia-Pacific 12/18/08

U.S. Provides Healthcare, Pensions for Georgia the Country 12/18/08


FBI Agents Billed $45K Each for Iraq OT 12/18/08


Rev. Wurmbrand's Warning To Humanity 12/19/08

Prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 Is Now Being Fulfilled - counldnt find in newsletter?

Couple sue over raid on organic food co-op

Organic food co-op raid sparks court case against health department, ODA

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund i

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  07:37:38 am, by JP   , 896 words,  
Categories: News, Real ID, Economy, Elections, laws, Illegal Immigration, Politics, Police State, Globalism, Technology

Tis the Season for joy

Don't you just love all the pretty colors? The people with joyful expressions and just showing the joy of the season with their sharing and caring attitudes? Wouldn't it be nice to see that all year long? Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing?

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, as a Christian your attitude of giving and joyful spirit should remain strong regardless of what is happening in this world. God's Word reads "Be of good cheer for I am with thee, even unto the ends of the earth."

Let me tell you, we are coming into a bad storm. The ecconomy is only going to get worse. There are talks of worldwide rioting, police agencies across the Untied States are offering food vouchers for people who turn in their guns. US military patrolling American Streets and the news goes on and on.

So why should be be of good cheer? Well, simple, God told us too. We may not like all of the things going on and the best we can do is to prepare the best we can for the hard times that are coming. Be sure to learn how to grow and preserve your own food as well as learn how to hunt and fish, plus learn as many natural remedies you can or at least buy a book or print out some from the INTERNET to use if the power is out.

If you are prepared and you put your faith in God to watch over and protect you all should be well.

Listen in tonight for all of the great news and more.

Keep Living Free,

Investigator casts doubt on Obama's birth residence 12/16/08

Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers - Undated

Cheney Praises Obama on Hillary Pick 12/16/08

Obama citizenship issue has merit, AOL poll says 12/16/08

Hot Seat: Obama's Birth Certificate 12/5/08

Media courage: AWOL 12/16/08

Obama's energy team has its own 'inconvenient truths'

Blagojevich attorney challenges impeachment panel


China Releases List of Illegal Food Additives 12/16/08

It costs Mattel $12M to settle with 39 states over tainted toys 12/15/08

Eat Fish, Forget Mercury Urges FDA 12/15/08

USDA to Test Meat and Poultry for Melamine 12/16/08

Puberty-halting drug 'tragic,' 'ethical bankruptcy'

Planned Parenthood suspends Ind. staffer in video


Citibank opens lending company in central China 12/16/08


Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy 12/16/08

Gold prices 'could double' over the next few years 12/16/08

Head of IMF fears unrest without action on economy 12/16/08


Attorney: U.S. gov't financing terrorist activities ( 12/16/08

France to deploy military in department stores after bomb scare 12/17/08

The Raw Story | Scholar: Cheney confessed to war crime 12/17/08


The Top Layer of the Cake 12/17/08


Md. to move ahead with Real ID legislation - 12/16/08

State to Seek Bill Tying Legal Status to Driver's Licenses 12/16/08

DHS sends out grant applications 12/16/08

Hawaii gets $756,000 security grant 12/17/08

Real ID can be accomplished (Yeah Right)


Slain student called 911, but no one came in time 12/16/08


Whistleblower exposed NSA wiretapping because 'this is crazy' 12/16/08


Troops May Be Deployed in AZ and Southwest 12/3/08

National Geographic TV Takes Aim At Your Guns


Lawmakers upset over push for private toll roads vote to abolish Texas transportation board 12/17/08


Mexico Opens Call Center for Illegals In Arizona 12/16/08

Jailed Border Agents Fate Still Unclear 12/15/08

If you haven't heard of the SPP, look it up 12/17/08


PSALMS 66:1 Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands


  08:13:13 am, by JP   , 1670 words,  
Categories: Welcome, News, Real ID, Economy, laws, BuyAmerican, Illegal Immigration, Politics, Police State, Globalism, Abortion

More News for Your on Live Free Radio

Before I get into the serious stuff. here is something for your listening pleasure.

Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire

Police stopped my Car (Feliz Navidad)

There is still a lot of serious news to contend with but once and a while we need a good laugh.

Keep praying folks our nation needs the prayers.
Listen in tonight and learn how you can Live Free.


PROVERBS 17:22 A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine.

Quote of the Day: "It is the theory of all modern civilized governments that they protect and foster the liberty of the citizen; it is the practice of all of them to limit its exercise, and sometimes very narrowly." -- H. L. Mencken

Subject: Today is Bill of Rights Day

This isn't some arbitrary, symbolic holiday. It's a real anniversary. The Bill of Rights was ratified today in 1791 -- 217 years ago. We believe that this event, more than anything else, was what has made the United States different from other countries.

It isn't democracy or representative government that made America unique. The Greeks, the Romans, and the British had those things. The Roman Republic even had divided powers, with checks and balances which our Founders knowingly copied. But as far as we know the United States was the first country to incorporate such specific, individually-oriented limits on government power into its supreme law.

Of course, this protection only works if our politicians obey the law, and this obedience is something we must demand; it will not be given freely.

Visit DownSizeDC for More....

This isn't some arbitrary, symbolic holiday. It's a real anniversary. The Bill of Rights was ratified today in 1791 -- 217 years ago. We believe that this event, more than anything else, was what has made the United States different from other countries.

It isn't democracy or representative government that made America unique. The Greeks, the Romans, and the British had those things. The Roman Republic even had divided powers, with checks and balances which our Founders knowingly copied. But as far as we know the United States was the first country to incorporate such specific, individually-oriented limits on government power into its supreme law.

Veterans need your help. The Vietnam Veterans Association


The Doctor Will See All of You Now 12/12/08

Leprosy Lingers in the U.S. 12/12/08


Anti-faith 'rant' will stay, says Wash. governor 12/15/08

NWO God-Free Schools Coming To Oz 12/13/08


Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist ... again 12/15/08

Forged consent note for abortion leads to lawsuit 12/15/08

ASP puts stealth cars in service 12/15/08

Google cranks up the Consensus Engine 12/12/08


Presidential Electors Confirm Obama as Next President 12/15/08

Obama's racial identity causing confusion, controversy for some 12/14/08

Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama 12/14/08

From Phil Berg's comments 12/12/08

Tax holiday bill picks up steam 12/15/08

Greece: ‘the masked ones’ plot revolution as riot police begin to run out of teargas 12/13/08

Injured vets still await disability appeal process 12/13/08

Changes to VA hospital still upset veterans 12/12/08

Iraq war is not over, more work ahead 12/15/08

Australia to Test Web Filter to Block Banned Content 12/14/08


In Utah, the Parowan Prophet predicts disaster will prevent Obama from taking office 12/13/08,0,2231803.story


Unemployment: Worse Than it Looks 12/12/08

Banks and consumers brace for new credit card rules 12/14/08;_ylt=Arjx8mYZ6S8jsxPezWtM_mp34T0D

Calling Jobs Back to U.S. 12/14/08

Fed mulls interest rate cut, maybe to all-time low 12/14/08

Bank cashes in on unlikely group of borrowers: The Amish Video


Create jobs for Americans by curbing illegal immigration 12/13/08

Deaf 'Extreme Makeover' couple gets financial aid



Border Patrol's expansion sparks friction 12/13/08

Will Obama put ICE deal on ice?

Rampant fraud puts stop to U.S. refugee program 12/13/08

Local TB cases up in Arizona and Sonora children 12/15/08

Border Patrol's expansion sparks friction 12/15/08

Authorities Roundup 15 MS-13 Gang Members 12/15/08

Settlement opens up amnesty for tens of thousands of immigration 12/15/08

Illegal aliens stay or go decision 12/14/08


Briefing: North American Free Trade Agreement 12/13/08

Twas the Night before Christmas
By Jim Palmer
Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the mall.
Not an American Made product could be found, not one at all.
The Chinese Made decorations were hung with care,
Seemed to glare at me with an evil red stare.

The children lay nestled in their beds,
While visions of lead laden toys danced in their heads.
And Mama in her Made in Pakistan Kerchief and I in my Made in China cap,
Stood in the middle of the Mall and Shouted “I’m tired of this imported crap!”

I was asked to leave the mall by security who didn’t appreciate my clatter.
People stared like what I said, didn’t even matter.
Out of the parking lot I drove with a flash,
My foot on the accelerator, my wife screaming “Don't make us crash!”

The roads were slick from the new fallen snow.
We arrived home safely with no American Made gifts to show.
I sat at my computer; my eye began to form a tear.
Not having any American Made gifts to offer was my biggest fear.

My Chinese Made computer assembled in America, on startup began to stick.
My stomach was turning I was feeling sick.
The screen turned blue, oh I knew this game.
I rebooted and finally it started after I called it a choice name.

My wife was in the kitchen and something in her Anchor Hocking bowl was mixin’.
Within minutes I could smell something baking and asked her what she was fixin.
She brought in some treats delicate and small.
On American Made Corelle dishes rested them all.

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh.
I must not give up I thought, I have to at least try.
I typed as fast as I could to reach the web sites I knew.
American Made gifts I would find through and through.

I found and wondered why I had been such a goof.
I found gifts and toys Made in the USA and this was my proof.
Gifts, collectibles, toys, figurines and candy are what I found.
My mission was clear, I knew what I wanted and I was success bound.

My feet began to shiver and I noticed I was barefoot.
So I ordered some sheepskin slippers and other American Made loot.
Those people at the mall, I thought don't know jack.
My eyes were getting heavy and I wanted to jump in the sack.

But I forgot a gift for the beautiful woman I did marry.
I thought and I thought and decided she needed something to carry.
A Leather handbag from Tough Traveler wrapped with a bow.
To help keep her warm, I bought her an American made throw.

I found an ornament made of pewter shaped like a wreath.
And some lead free toys for the little one who was just getting his teeth.
I looked at my list and knew I had forgotten Craig and Kelly.
I chose a BroilKing griddle, so they could cook up some pancakes covered in jelly.

An Emmett Kelly Jr figurine for my mother-in-law to put on her shelf.
Santa could not have done a better job himself.
The web site was decorated in colors of blue, white and red.
Thoughts of Americans working entered my head.

I wondered if it had been a man or woman who did this great work.
I knew this was something that would drive the Chinese bezerk.
As every hard working American knows.
Nothing makes a better gift, Made in the USA as I chose.

I heard my wife coming my way and quick as a whistle,
I filled out my order information and shut down the computer faster than a missile.
The screen went black and dark as the night.
Merry Christmas to all and this year buy American and get it right.


More of News From You For You

I suppose I should be careful for what I ask for. I asked you to send me articles and news stories and you have kept them rolling in. I try to respond to everyone, but if I missed yours, please understand that I am only human and just one person who may not be able to answer all of the emails sent my way.

Anyways, I am going to be talking about the articles you sent me and will discuss some that I have found as well. Be sure to listen in and speak up. The Toll Free number is 1-888-747-1968.

Also be sure to tell others about the show and link to the site on your blogs and web sites. You are also welcome to comment on any of the shows simply by making a post on this web site. You do not have to register and do not have to give your real name.

Keep Living Free

Read it and Learn it.

James 1:26-27.
If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.


Treasonous Dictator! Bush Executive Orders Amnesty and Immigration Expansions! 12/11/08

ACLU, activists sue Columbia County, Oregon over illegal workers measure 12/12/08

The American Sky Has Fallen 12/11/08

Del Toro won't make another film in Mexico 12/11/08

In Biggest U.S. Cities, Minorities Are at 50% - 12/9/2008

Texas Study: Illegal immigrants' care costs state $677 million

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Border Case - Breaking News: The Post Chronicle

'Jamiel's Law' petition doesn't get enough signatures to qualify for L.A.'s ballot

This email can be forwarded. The Shaws NEED HELP!!! AND LEGAL ADVICE!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Jamiel's Law Petitions Stored in Warehouse!
We're mad about this and we're going to keep fighting!

According to Jenny at the City Elections Office, there were only 480 Petition Packets turned in and they didn't even count them. "Even if all of the Petition Packets were completed, it would not be enough signatures", said Jenny.

First of all, I know we turned in over 760 Petition Packets.

Then Jenny tells me that there were only 18,559 Signatures. Well, if you didn't count the signatures and you only counted the Petition Packets, where did this number come from?

We turned the signatures in on December 5, 2008. We were told that the Election Office would be working on them during the weekend and we should know the outcome in about two days. Six days later, December 11, 2008, we are told that only 480 Petitions Packets were turned in? How long did it take to count 480 petition packets? The Elections Office told the Media before us, so we know this is very political.

Furthermore, when I told Jenny that this is absolutely impossible, she told me,
"You can come and pick-up the Petitions and continue getting signatures for the next City Election". Which according to her is not until 2011. We are not waiting that long. The LA County Election is November, 2009.

Jenny also told me to come to the place where we turned the Petitions in at the Elections Office on the 3rd floor and they will be ready for us to pick-up at the front counter. Myself and a volunteer went to pick them up, but they weren't there.

The volunteer was told they were in the basement and we need to wait 20 minutes, call the number they gave us and then we can go to the basement and pick them up. After waiting 30 minutes, I called the number given and I was told the Petitions are in the basement warehouse and we should drive to the side entrance. We drove to the side entrance and the Petitions were not there. After waiting 45 minutes, they finally gave the Petitions to us.

We turned in five boxes of Petitions. Three boxes were full and two boxes were almost full. We get back five boxes and not one box is full! I don't believe the warehouse was even secure.

Needless to say we have questions, but one thing I know is, "This is NOT over"! We are not about to stop. We're going to be more organized as we go forward. We're going to make copies of everything and video everything. Hopefully we will have someone that is not connected to the City of Los Angeles overseeing the counting.

I also don't understand why a major supporter of Jamiel's Law would send out an email blast of defeat before speaking to us. We need to be fighting together! Don't just assume the City is right, especially when they store the petitions in some warehouse. Even the Media called us and asked us our side before they ran with the story. The City knows that Jamiel's Law is very controversial. Why would they not secure the petitions and or seal them while they are stored in the basement warehouse.

We will gather signatures to get Jamiel's Law on the November 2009, LA County Election.

This is NOT over!!

Posted by Althea R. Shaw @ 12/11/2008 01:08:00 PM


UK - And now for a world government 12/9/08

Stephen Harper's Coup: Subverting Democracy 12/10/08


Obama Inherits Real Mess on Real ID - - Business Technology Leadership


Amerika Emerges from the Ashes of the Former Republic 12/12/08

Check on land grabs 12/8/08

UAW paycut refusal kills auto bailout deal - Video

GOP Senator Warns of 'Riots' if Automakers Are Bailed Out 12/11/08

White House considers help for car makers 12/12/08

Bailout failure shows leadership vacuum 12/11/08

GM to temporarily close 20 plants to slash output 12/12/08

Chrysler Suppliers Call for Cash on Bankruptcy Risk 12/12/08

Retail sales, wholesale prices fall again in Nov. 12/12/08

An Italian solution: Parmesan for the needy 12/11/08

BofA plans up to 35,000 job cuts in next 3 years 12/11/08

Iceland’s Meltdown December 2008

Excess Debt And Deflation = Depression 12/12/08

Deceitful' Planned Parenthood report ignores abortion 12/12/08


Anti-marriage bullying = 'epitome of intolerance' 12/12/08


Poor nations to get funds to fight climate change 12/12/08

Despite downturn, Calif. adopts tough climate plan 12/12/08


Panel blames White House, not soldiers, for abuse 12/11/08

Halliburton accused of supplying rotten food to U.S. forces 12/12/08


Bernard Madoff arrested over alleged $50 bln fraud 12/12/08

Ill. gov 'upbeat' as resignation demands multiply 12/11/08

One Listener states:
“This governor has some chanones. He does something wrong and sits there trying to justify it. It seems like this is becoming an epidemic in this country people doing immoral or illegal things and then standing there without the decency to be ashamed or embarrassed by their actions.”


Fatal H1N1 Infection In Healthy Child In Texas 12/11/08

Drug resistant TB rife in China 12/11/08

Ebola in Philippine Swine Raises Concerns 12/12/08


  07:15:51 am, by JP   , 958 words,  
Categories: News, Real ID, Economy, Elections, laws, BuyAmerican, Illegal Immigration, Politics, Police State, Globalism

Comfort and Joy, How?

So many members of the old main stream media are shouting doom and gloom. The sky is falling. All Hell is breaking loose. The ecconomy is in a tailspin.

The news is showing on peoples faces. I went to the store and noticed that most of the shoppers were walking around with wither no expression or looks of anger.

Try it for yourself, you wont see too many smiles, its just kind of strange. What happened to the Reason for the Season, Joy to the World and all those other clinches? It seems that people are finding their hope in their wallets or bank accounts instead of Christ. Well I say stop it. Those of you who know Jesus Christ, need to read His Words.

These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
John 15:11 KJV

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
I Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV

Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37:4 KJV

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven….
Matthew 5:12 KJV

There are lots of other verses too, dig in or better yet post them here.

I'll have lots of news for todays show, so be sure to tune in.

Secret Santas gift for students: $50 each

Tears of joy greet Secret Santa

Secret Santa Hands Out $100 Bills In KCK

Cookie company reopening Archway plant in Ohio

The Next Depression?

America is Going Down

Study Shows 147,000 Indiana Auto Industry Jobs at Risk

Jimmie Vaughan: The Rhythm & Blues of America

Trade deficit offers opportunity to fund automaker rescue | | Detroit Free Press

Hill sources: Democrats, White House get auto deal

Grim Snapshot – The U.S. Economy in Rapidly Accelerating Freefall

Workers win: Bank to give credit to Chicago plant

Chase offers $400,000 in Chicago factory sit-in

Wal-Mart's Walton Family:
The Beasts of Bentonville
Pay raise for judges tucked into bailout plan


Mexican congress approves widening police powers

US Special Forces mistakenly kill 6 Afghan police - Yahoo! News


Wrotnowski Vs Obama To Get Full SCOTUS Conf

Obama calls for Illinois governor to resign

Rezko Tie Links Obama and Blagojevich

What Did Obama Know, and When Did He Know It?

Obama to name environmental leader

Constitutional Crisis Could Result in Loss of Peoples Sovereignty, Says Hillsdale College President

High court weighs lawsuit against FBI head, ex-AG

"Largest" Organized E-Crime Operation Unearthed

Fallen FDNY member, 9/11 hero remembered in Hicksville,0,4282445.story



It's Time to Pardon the Border Guards, Mr. President

Suspected Illegals Plotted Kidnap of Texas Corn Dog Scion

74% Say Government Not Doing Enough to Secure Borders

Kennedy move deals blow to immigration reform plan

Homeland Security USA reality show 'unprecedented' access

The truth about 'hate crimes' and the racial justice racket

llegal Immigrant charged in beating death of 2yr. old

Law To Deport Illegal Immigrants Makes L.A. Ballot


Canadians must be informed of NAU betrayal to absolutely secure Progressive Coalition


Over 650 Scientists Challenge Global Warming "Consensus"


Opponents seek repeal of new driver's license rules

Privacy rights should be respected despite security fears - Opinion

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