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« In the News August 24 2009State Dept. claims RFID acts as intended, privacy still at risk »

Google Censors Illegal Immigration Information On Web


Google Censors Illegal Immigration Information On Web

August 20, 2009

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC),, (866) 703-0864

ALIPAC is issuing an emergency broadcast to our 25,000 supporters and media contacts across the web, blogosphere, and talk radio channels in America!

WARNING! Google is now blocking the worlds largest archive of information about the negative impact of illegal immigration on American citizens from view via false warnings of Malware.

Public access to the extensive information archived by ALIPAC over the last five years has been blocked on Google, by Firefox web browsers, and on Twitter!

"Google's own software admits we have no viruses or malware on our site," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The readings indicate that Google scanned our site on the 19th and we were clean and now they are arbitrarily blocking us for the second time this week. Our technicians tell us our site is clean and Google will not offer us any explanation or assistance despite mulitple attemps to reach out to them."

ALIPAC is now declaring an emergency and making the claim that the blocking of is politically motivated and involves wrongful acts by Google employees or the broader influences withing the Google corporation.

All other major online virus protection services are declaring that is not infected including Norton Antivirus, McAfee, and AVAST.

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt is an active member of President Barack Obama's campaign. Google has also hired the widely discredited left wing progaganda group called the Anti Defamation League to police political content on Google and Youtube. Google employees that are H1B visa holders replacing American workers are regularly seen on pro Amnesty websites plotting against ALIPAC!

"We are seeing a clear and orchestrated pattern of censorship across American emanating from the Obama administration and the Open Borders Lobby that plans to launch new AMNESTY legislation within two weeks," said William Gheen. "If you type in 'illegal immigration' on Google you see large advertisement expenditures from multiple multi million dollar groups that support AMNESTY for illegal aliens. They are trying to silence Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs and have them fired! We support Glenn and Lou and now Google is putting an electronic muzzle on our website without due cause!"

ALIPAC is asking for emergency assistance from talk radio shows and members of the media to warn the public. Activists are asked to share this emergency alert with others via online posts and e-mail forwards.

All Americans that support free speech and are against amnesty for illegal aliens are asked to abandon use of Google or any advertising on Google and switch to another search engine.

"We need everyone to fight back and speak out while they can," said William Gheen. "Google is the most powerful site on the web, but they can be bypassed and defeated."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC plans to seek the assistance of attornies and members of law enforcement to help restore public access to the world's largest archive of information about illegal immigration prior to the launch of new amnesty legislation.

For more information or to schedule interviews visit or one of our sister sites at or

PSALMS 25:10 All the paths of the LORD [are] mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies. (KJV)


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Comment from:

I have spoken about this many times. You can go through the past shows to see how I encouraged people to contact their legislators.

We still need to contact our senators. If you have knowledge of when this legislation will come up in the Senate, let us know and we will pout out an alert.

We all know this is not a protection bill but rather a bill to control our food and likewise the population. I assure you, there is outrage. You will not find most of the old main stream media reporting aobut it.

08/25/09 @ 08:25 am
Comment from:

HR 2749 passed the House of Reps 7/30/9. Where is the discussion and outrage on this bill? It needs to be repealed. It gives the feds total control over our food supply and will drive small and organic farmers out of business!! Please help get the word out so people can evaluate this bill for themselves. It is not in the newspapers or on TV. There is almost a total “blackout” of information on this bill. Thank you!! Ann

08/25/09 @ 08:37 am