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Have our Elected Leaders Forgotten About the Constitution?


Have our Elected Leaders Forgotten About the Constitution?

Voters across the nation showed and and showed their disdain for the direction our country has turned by voting for Republicans.

This of course ifs no less fallout from the Socialized health care plan being pushed by the democrats.

Let us not forget however, that there are Republicans who are also pushing this unconstitutional legislation.

Some will argue that that the general welfare clause allows for the Federal Government to force We the People to purchase health care or pay a fine. However, if those who make the claim actually read the Constitution in its proper context, they would discover that it reads "to promote the general welfare," it does not mention anything about providing it.

Our founding Fathers write and ratified a Constitution that limited the powers of congress to those granted in that document. The same document that each of our Legislators have swore to uphold and defend.

Our elected representatives seem to have forgotten about that document and the oath they took when they entered into office.

But will electing Republicans help us out of this mess? Perhaps?? But let us not forget there are other parties in this great nation who are God Fearing and who promote and advocate a limited government as prescribed by our founding fathers.

I would suggest those of you who are registered as independents to take a look at the Constitution Party or to find someone you can support in the old two party system who has the same values of those in the Constitution Party.

GALATIANS 3:26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. (KJV)



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