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How Do You Feel About Illegal Immigration?


  12:22:00 pm, by JP   , 284 words,  
Categories: News

How Do You Feel About Illegal Immigration?

Illegal immigration is on everyone’s minds these days so I need to comment. It has been years since I made a post here. Life takes us in so many directions sometimes and since I stopped doing my show I have focused my attention on other things.

Illegal Immigration is costing us daily as taxpayers, we provide healthcare, education, food and housing for many illegals. This is our hard working tax dollars that could go into improving infrastructure or even paying down national debt.

Instead, we have elected officials stand up and proclaim they want us to have open borders, but when Trump says, hey you can have the illegals in your sanctuary cities, all of them,, then they cry like a baby with a diaper full of Sh@t.

Some of these same elected officials support allowing illegal immigrants to vote in all elections.  They know they would get the votes of the illegals because the welfare they have given them will keep flowing if they remain in office.

I by no means, hate illegals. I understand a great number of them have no choice but to leave home and look for work, but we have a system in place for many legitimate reasons. We need them to find work in their own country or find a way to produce their own work in their country.

Just the cost of apprehending, holding and court trials is staggering. The only way we can have a secure nation is by securing all access points into it. If they want to get into the USA under asylum, then go through the proper channels to make it happen.

If you dont like our rules, stay out our our country.


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