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« Swine Flu Preparing Us for Forced Vaccinations?More Swine Flu News »

Is the Mexican Swine Flu all Hype?


Is the Mexican Swine Flu all Hype?

I am seeing news reports across the country. 40 people in US with confirmed Swine Flu. Mexico Thousands infected, at least 100 dead.

The US government has been slow to react. Some news reports from the New Main Stream Media and Alternative Media Sources are bringing out numbers of thousands dead in Mexico.

Is the US preparing for Marshal Law or are they trying to get us all afraid? No matter what side of the issue you are on. If you believe the old main stream media, there is nothing to fear. Just use common sense and keep your hands washed and avoid large crowds. Or the Alternative media reporting that forced vaccinations and even more widespread outbreaks are coming.

Perhaps you are someone who is just waiting to see. Wherever you are in the mix, you should still be ready and know that there is currently no vaccine that can stop the swine flu. Some are pushing meds that may have little or no effect on it. So the choice is up to you, live in fear or know as much as possible and make the best choice for you and your family.

David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge Ministries

On LiveFreeRadioTonight

David sent out an afternoon News Alert today and it peaked my interest, so I contacted him and he agreeded to come on the air for tonights show to talk about the Mexican Swine flu and some of the issues related to it.

Please take a look at David's Ministry web site at

Tune in tonight 7pm EST
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Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. (KJV)


Hate Bill Vote Could Be Tuesday!

LaRaza Telling its illegal immigration supporter to push for Amnesty
This per

5 US lawmakers, others arrested at Darfur protest April 27

Air Force One Backup Rattles New York Nerves

Homeland chief says US preparing for full pandemic 4/27/09

WASHINGTON – The head of the Homeland Security Department says the United States is preparing as if the swine flu outbreak is a full pandemic.

Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters Monday that the World Health Organization is operating at level three, with level six a full pandemic. She said officials at the WHO were meeting Monday to consider whether to raise the level.

Napolitano said the U.S. is proceeding as if it were preparing for a full pandemic.

The disease started in Mexico and has spread to the United States and beyond, with 40 reported cases in the U.S.

Gilead, Roche ready with swine flu vaccine 4/27/09

40 swine flu cases in US; agents checking borders 4/27/09

SCUCISD closes all schools 4/27/09

Surgical masks fly off metro Detroit shelves 4/27/09

Flu Could Boost Government Intervention Further 4/27/09

Pharma boost from swine flu lifts FTSE by close 4/27/09

‘Obama Host Died From Swine Flu’ Story Apparently Fake 4/27/09

Swine flu fears close schools in NY, Texas, Calif. 4/27/09

CCTV International Suspected swine flu cases reported in more nations 4/27/09

Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal 4/27/09 4/27/09
"From what we understand in Mexico, I think people need to be ready for the idea that we could see more severe cases in this country and possibly deaths," he said. "That's something people have to be ready for and we're looking for that. So far, thankfully, we haven't seen that. But we're very concerned and that's why we're taking very aggressive measures."

US says not testing travelers from Mexico for flu 4/26/09

Lawsuits against CDC on Swine Flu Vaccine

Who Will Profit from the Deadly Flu This Time? 4/26/09

Pandemics: When do you sound the alarm? 4/26/09

Utah ramps up surveillance for swine flu 4/26/09

Swine Flu as Cause of Pneumonia in Mexico Not Fully Understood, Flu and Cold 4/26/09

Swine Flu Cases Raise More Questions Than Answers 4/26/09

Smithfield Foods Says It Found No Evidence of Swine Influenza at Its Mexican Joint Ventures 4/26/09

Swine Flu, Factory Pig Farms And The Pandemic Waiting To Happen 4/26/09

Americans told to wear masks as swine flu spreads round globe 4/26/09

Ill-based Baxter working on swine flu vaccine 4/25/09,0,3167746.story

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by vaccinations

Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine! 4/25/09

Mexican Doctor: Real Figure Is 200 Dead, Situation Out Of Control 4/25/09

Mexico May Isolate Patients With Deadly Swine Flu Strain 4/25/09

H5N1 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu)


Obama Says Swine Flu Not a Cause for Alarm 4/27/09

Barack Obama's"Stress Test" after 100 Days in Office 4/26/09


Police caught on tape trying to recruit Plane Stupid protester as spy 4/24/09


World markets struck by swine flu fears 4/27/09

Swine flu dampens economic outlook 4/27/09

Oil tumbles on worries over swine-flu outbreak 4/27/09

World markets struck by swine flu fears 4/27/09

Humana 1Q profit more than doubles 4/27/09

Brothels cut prices to beat the recession 4/26/09

GM to cut 21,000 US factory jobs, shed Pontiac 4/27/09

Bankers revolt over bonuses at Deutsche 4/26/09

Activists protest against IMF, World Bank 4/26/09

Guilty of Being Poor 4/23/09


FDA warns of salmonella in sprouts 4/27/09

Illegal aliens delivering drugs to Wal-Mart - Maybe this is the reason the prescriptions are so cheap

Sudden Death Arrhythmias Hard to Detect 4/25/09

Radiation Exposure of Americans Rises 600 Percent in 29 Years Thanks to Medical Imaging Scans 4/25/09

Horse Deaths Raise Drug Safety Concerns 4/24/09


3 dead, 2 hurt in Ga. shooting; professor sought 9/26/09


No Word From I.R.S. On Protest by Pastors 4/26/09


Boxer: Get ready for tough re-election fight 4/25/09


Ground Zero memorial: 'Made in China' 4/26/09


Conficker virus begins to attack PCs: experts 4/24/09


Time for T.E.A. and a Fair Tax 4/13/09


CNN Host Presses Miss CA USA to Admit Political Agenda 4/25/09

Freedom Fellowship Blogspot

Dr. Paul gives an update on his bill to Audit the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul's HR 1207 Update 4/27


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