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Let's Slaughter This Strategy on HC VOTE


Let's Slaughter This Strategy on HC VOTE

Later this week, the House leadership intends to . . .

* pass the Senate 2,700 page healthcare reform bill, clearing it for President Obama's signature
* but pretend that they didn't

It's a mind-boggling process suggested by Rule Committee Chair Rep. Louise Slaughter. To summarize . . .

* before Congress can pass a reconciliation bill "fixing" the Senate's bill, the House must first pass the Senate bill and the President must sign it into law
* but the House doesn't want an up-or-down vote on the unpopular Senate bill
* so instead the House will tie the Senate bill and the reconciliation bill together in a Rules Committee resolution
* which says that if the reconciliation bill passes, then the original Senate bill will be &quot&#59;&#68;EEMED" to have been passed
* the Senate bill can then be signed into law, after which the Senate will (supposedly) proceed to consider the reconciliation bill

How can they do this? Because the House Rules Committee can propose anything that it pleases.

Fortunately, this procedure will require majority approval in the House. Which means . . .

The vote on the Rules Committee resolution will be a vote on the Senate healthcare bill.

We must tell the House we're on to their scheme, and they won't get away with it.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

My Senators are also seeing this letter to let them know of my disgust with the "Slaughter Strategy."

Last week, President Obama called for an "up-or-down" vote on the healthcare bill.

Instead, the House Slaughter Strategy "would allow House members to say they never voted for the Senate bill, just the amendments to fix it."

I demand that you do everything in your power to prevent House Democrats from foolishly attempting this maneuver. But if they follow through, please realize that the American people will know that a vote for the Rule Committee resolution will be a vote for the corrupt Senate healthcare bill.

It will be a vote for . . .

* the Cornhusker Kickback for Sen. Ben Nelson
* the Louisiana Purchase of Sen. Mary Landrieu's vote
* and other bribes to several Senators

As a member of the House, you are already aware that if the you pass the Senate bill into law, then the Senate will have no vested interest in "fixing" their own bill with the reconciliation process. Have you ever trusted the Senate before?

Does it make sense to support a bill that . . .

* the American people don't like
* that the majority of the House doesn't really like
* which will probably NOT be changed by reconciliation?

That would be political suicide!

Do yourself and the American people a favor. Oppose the Senate's healthcare bill.


You can send you letter through's Educate the Powerful System.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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