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Don't "Fix" ObamaCare -- Kill It!

Anti-gun ObamaCare on Life Support!
-- ObamaCare needs one final stake through its heart

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Friday, January 22, 2010

Congratulations on a tremendous victory on Tuesday! And thank you all for your help in getting Scott Brown elected to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

Gun Owners of America was the first national gun lobby to endorse Brown, and with your aid, he was receiving more than one million dollars a day in his comeback win over anti-gun Martha Coakley.

With your help, Massachusetts -- the bluest of blue states -- has sent a message to Washington: take your ObamaCare bill and shove it!

By a vote of 52% to 47%, Massachusetts voters sent anti-ObamaCare candidate Scott Brown to the Senate -- defeating liberal icon Martha Coakley. And D.C. Democrats are beginning to understand that GOP victories in New Jersey and Massachusetts are merely a precursor to the electoral bloodbath still to come in November.

Obama-Pelosi still committed to passing socialized health care

But has the prospect of losing two hundred congressional seats caused Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to back off of their efforts to shove this bill down the throats of the American people?

Amazingly, no.

It"s like you stepped in something. And, as much as you scrape and scrape the bottom of your shoe, you just can"t get rid of the smell.

At first, Pelosi's strategy was to get the House to pass the Senate version of ObamaCare -- verbatim -- so that the bill goes straight to the Oval Office, without having to break another filibuster in the Senate (which no longer has a filibuster-proof majority).

Thankfully, there are SO MANY rank-and-file Democrats who have revolted against this strategy (Democrats who are scared to death of losing their seats) that Rep. Pelosi yesterday said the Senate bill is not viable... WITHOUT CHANGES.

"I don't see the votes for [the Senate bill] at this time," Pelosi said. But note the words "at this time."

Despite huge obstacles, Pelosi trying to resurrect ObamaCare

Pelosi did say there's a "foundation in that bill" they can work with. So Pelosi may just try to pass one big fix-up bill -- using a "reconciliation" bill that will only need 51 votes when it goes to the Senate -- or simply break up the Senate bill into smaller pieces and send those parts to the President.

But remember that the Senate health care bill which Pelosi now seeks to fix contains the following problems:

* It will allow BATFE to troll a health/gun database in order to take away firearms from tens of millions of Americans;

* It is jam-packed with billions of dollars of bribes paid to buy the votes of sleazy senators;

* It will impose a host of new taxes, force Americans to buy expensive insurance which they can't afford, and increase insurance premiums in the individual market by 10 to 13%; and,

* It will continue the bankrupting of our country by increasing the deficit by half a trillion dollars, when the underhanded accounting tricks are discounted.

You can be sure that most, if not all, of these problems will be left untouched.

ACTION: So please contact your Representative. Tell him or her to vote against the bribe-filled Senate ObamaCare bill, and that no amount of "fixing" will make this bill acceptable. The Senate already tried to fix the gun problems in the bill but failed miserably.

You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send a pre-written message to your Representative.

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Representative:

You are being urged by Nancy Pelosi to dive into the Senate's moral cesspool and pass its ObamaCare bill -- either cut up in pieces or, as a whole, accompanied by a "fix up" reconciliation bill.

If you do this, the Massachusetts results are just the faintest of forebodings of the electoral bloodbath which will erupt in November.

The American people have made it clear they do not want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to cram this bill down our throats. And yet, Pelosi delusionally concludes that the path to electoral success is to keep cramming and cramming and cramming and cramming.

In case you have forgotten, the Senate ObamaCare bill:

* Will allow BATFE to troll a health/gun database in order to take away firearms from tens of millions of Americans;

* Is jam-packed with billions of dollars of bribes paid to buy the votes of sleazy senators;

* Will impose a host of new taxes, force Americans to buy expensive insurance which they can't afford, and increase insurance premiums in the individual market by 10 to 13%; and,

* Will continue the bankrupting of our country by increasing the deficit by half a trillion dollars, when the accounting tricks are discounted.

Please tell me now that you oppose this bill and that no amount of "fix up" will make it acceptable. The Senate already tried to fix the gun problems in the bill but failed miserably. It's time to pull the plug on ObamaCare.



Second Amendment March

Check out the Second Amendment March speakers lineup. In addition to GOA's Larry Pratt, confirmed speakers include: Former Texas state Representative Suzanna Hupp (a survivor of the Luby's massacre), Sheriff Richard Mack, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and many others.

Find out more at:



Face-Detection Cameras: Users' Racism Charges Explained 1/22/10

It was no joke at security gate

RAND/Army Report Calls For Militarized Police Force For U.S.

Arkansas State Trooper meets videocamera


Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Undecided About Census Participation 1/20/10


Firm will remove Bible references from gun sights 1/21/10


Lawsuit Claims Arkansas DMV Database Used for Marketing 1/21/10

Computers Down at All 168 California DMV Offices


Healthcare redo in the works 1/22/10


Terror attack imminent under 'Obama Doctrine' 1/22/10

Haiti earthquake: U.S. army prepares Guantanamo Bay for waves of refugees

Obama authorizes covert economic war against Venezuela 1/21/10

The World Bids Farewell to Obama 1/20/10,1518,673192,00.html


Is Liberty Doomed?

Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change

FBI asking questions about ex-Mo. House speaker

Dick Morris: Obama Will Never Get Another Major Piece Of Legislation Passed

Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ agency ‘runs military’ 1/20/10

Second Amendment March

Take America Back, Elect Bob Parker for Congress

Take Michigan back!


Tennessee Follows Texas In Banning Private Gun Shows


Zero deaths caused by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs 1/21/10


Babies go to Congress 1/22/10

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A Vote for Kennedy is a Win For Massachusetts & USA

The people of Massachusetts have a great opportunity to make history. They have the chance to turn the tide in American politics and have a voice of reason and someone who will adhere to the the Constitution as their oath of office requires them to do.

Face it, Democrates have had their hand at it for nearly 50 years and look where Massachusetts is today. They offer a health care program similar to the one Obama and Co want to be instilled upon the American populace.

Just like the same plan, the people of Mass. are forced to buy the insurance even if they do not want it. The health control bill has one major setback. The state cannot afford to run it. So Massachusetts needed an out and they found one by creating a national health care plan that would allow all of the people of the US suffer under the same sort of system.

The people have a clear choice, Another democrat, a Republican or an Independent name John Kennedy who heralds attributes our founding fathers would be proud to have. And it will be easy for the people to vote, they simply have to check the Box with the name Kennedy like they have been doing for the past 50 years. Do so and we all win.

Check out Joe Kennedy at


No more free bags at some Wal-Marts,1554390


Heckler Removed During Obamas Speech at Coakley Event

Obama makes last-ditch attempt to save Senate seat 1/18/10

Obama mobilizes military reservists to reinforce Haiti aid

Czar seeks 'chilling effect' on internet

Is Obama administration going soft on China? 1/16/10

Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal 1/15/10

PDD 51 & New Executive Order Give Obama Dictator Power


Does Congress have the constitutional authority to enact the healthcare legislation being debated?
No -- and no one seems to even care. 1/18/10

Health bill may impose 'marriage penalty'


ResistDC: The Federal Tax Funds Act

Chavez says U.S. occupying Haiti in name of aid

Will 'angry' voters install a Republican senator? 1/18/10

Irish bookie pays off Brown bets early 1/18/10

Danger ahead -- the nullification of the Congress 1/15/10

Google threatens to leave China 1/26/10

Control orders were unlawful says judge

RJ Harris Money Bomb For Liberty Donate Now!


Airport scanner companies queue for business after 'underpants bomber' 1/18/10

Equality And Human Rights Commission Raised Concerns With Home Secretary


Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals 1/14/10

Are Anti-Immigration Groups Hijacking the Environmental Movement?

Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots

Class action lawsuit filed over Chinese drywall


Assisted suicide = medical treatment? 1/16/10


Texas Board defers vote on school curriculum changes 1/16/10


Less choice, more murder 1/18/10

Tebow to appear in pro-life Super Bowl ad 1/18/10


BATF Notice Bans Private Gun Sales In Texas 1/18/10


NASA GISS Inaccurate Press Release On The Surface Temperature Trend Data


Time to Revive the Old USA or become the USSA

My forefathers, some of the very people who signed the Declaration of Independence and those who have sacrifice in all the wars since did not do so in order to create a Republic that was nothing more than a tyrannical nanny state.

We the people must be willing to sacrifice all that we have or we will give it up to those in DC who think that owning property and actually living is something that should not be allowed without being taxed into oblivion.

Our goal this election year should be to make a bold statement. Not just vote out some of the incumbents, but vote each and every one of them out. Replace them not with neocons or fake conservatives, but replace them with those who are closer in line with the Constitution Party or with Constitution Party members.

If you fail to find people of that caliber where you are voting then you must become that person or persuade someone to run for office. THROW THE BUMS OUT and LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

If we do nothing, we loose everything.


Ron Paul Supports a Biometric ID Card to Fly?
In the video at around the 5:00-6:30 mark.
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv


NV official says ACORN not involved in census


Face Detection System

Body scanners can store, send images, group says


Buy american "anti china backlash" coming Gerald Celente says

Bank CEOs: We underestimated 2008 financial crisis 1/13/10

Stimulus Watch: White House changes job-count rule 01/12/10

The Fed Earns a Record Profit in 2009 -- but Not Without Huge Risks


Obama promises all-out relief effort in Haiti 1/13/10

Veteran US analyst cautions Obama on Iran sanctions


Michele Bachmann : "Stimulus" is Not Creating Jobs

Dems positioning to rig November elections?

Soles' decision to step down excites the GOP

U.S. says Russia arms deal close, talks resuming

Woman Denied Asylum In US


Quake-stunned Haitians pile bodies by fallen homes


Obama, congressional Democrats meeting on health 1/13/10


Preparing for third wave of Swine Flu


Craigslist-Savvy Mom Turns Tables on Crook

Google to end China censorship after e-mail breach 1/13/10


Pastors Commit Sanctity of Life Sunday to Petitioning for Preborn Lives



We the people of the United States want only representatives in public office who will adhere to the Constitution of the United States and will not vote on any bill until they have actually read it.

We want our representatives on the Federal Level to begin repealing all unconstitutional legislation before passing any new legislation. This includes National Health Care, Cap & Trade NAFTA, CAFTA etc.

We want the Federal Reserve audited and then shut down. A private company should not be in control of our monetary system. It needs to be controlled as required by the Constitution. If you do not know those requirements, then do not run for office. Money should be sound and backed by silver or gold as prescribed in our Constitution.

We want the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN. This global governing body should have no say in the affairs of our government. If they want to make suggestions, we will gladly take them under advisement.

We want the Federal Government audited and reduced. The bailouts given to the bankers could have just as easily been divided among the people of the United States to boost our ecconomy, but we want neither bailouts or handouts, only the opportunity to pursue happiness without government intervention as our founding fathers so desired and created the Constitution as a guide for all future representatives to follow.

We want to live our lives in private without being spied on and watched as though we are all about to do something criminal. It is time to return to the system Innocent Until Proven Guilty not Presumed Guilty. We do not want to be looked upon as suspicious because we simply want to be left alone and Live Free according to the US Constitution.

If you cannot adhere to these terms, then please do not run for office, we don't want you. We are tired of the fake left / right paradigm. We are awake.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things. (KJV)

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians


Repeal the REAL ID Act

J. Bradley Jansen: Health Care Reform as a Backdoor National ID

EFF Fights for Anonymity for Online Critic in Friday Hearing

Political Parodists Strike Back Against U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Buffalo's debt collectors accused of bullying 1/5/10

America's Unhappy New Year


DNA solves just one in 150 crimes

Can Police Give You A Ticket For "Sounding" Too Fast?

Harassed War Reporter: We Must Stand Up To TSA Thugs

From Citizens to Sheep: Giving Up Our Liberties for Nothing 1/5/10

John McLaughlin: Freedom is Most Overrated

Alex Jones Calls For Mass Resistance To Implementation Of Body Scanners

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff benefiting from scanner sales

New scanners break child p*o*r*n laws 1/4/10

Airports Set To Become Primary Peddlers Of Child Porn

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport gets 60 full-body scanners

Consuming Interests: Airport scans for all: but do they work?

MI5 warned U.S. about Detroit airline bomber in 2008


White House on defensive on health care 1/6/10

Obama prods Congress to pass health bill quickly 1/6/10

Obama, Dem leaders plot final health care strategy

Control-conscious Dems seek unorthodox route 1/6/10

Health Care Progress Report: What's Next for the Bill? 1/4/10

Democrats set to exclude GOP from final health care deliberations 1/5/10


Grim Obama says terror attack 'dots' not connected 1/6/10

No IG, No Problem, Obama Administration Lifts Cap on Fannie/Freddie

Obama's 2010 budget includes 'poverty traps' 1/5/10

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

Obama and the Vampire Congress 1/5/10


Tensions grow as US heightens role in Yemen 1/6/10

State Sovereignty Symposium in Texas - January 6th

North Dakota Sen. Dorgan won't seek re-election 1/6/10

3 Democrats 2 senators, 1 governor to retire 1/6/10

Losing 2 senators, 1 gov equals worries for Dems 1/06/10

Officials: Suspected US drones kill 13 in Pakistan 1/6/10

Is Napolitano on the ropes?

Abandon False Hope … And Get Some Real Hope 1/5/10

Video - Ron Paul “This Is Not What America Is All About!”


Window cleaning chemical injected into fast food hamburger meat

New Childhood Vaccines Schedules Released 1/5/10


33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...


10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist 1/4/10


Pensioners burn books for warmth 1/5/10

Britain paralysed by snow and freezing weather 1/5/10

Heaviest snowfall in 6 decades in Beijing 1/4/10

Winter of 2009-2010 Could Be Worst in 25 Years 1/4/10


Restrictive home school legislation up for vote 1/6/10


A fine line - sex offenders in church 1/5/10


Happy New Year, Show Us Your Birthday Suit

Hey, if you think the health care control bill that just passed in the senate and will be negotiated in committee was too invasive to your privacy, then you obviously have not been to an airport recently.

Since a Nigerian man without proper credentials was allowed to board a flight into the US and attempted to bring down a plane, the incompetent TSA is pushing for new rules to stop these types of attacks.

In Briton it was just announced that the security at the airports will be increased and within the next three weeks, full body scans will be done on all passengers. Don't want to be scanned naked? Too bad, or just do not fly.

Here in the US, the TSA has resorted to full body searches. Groping men, woman and tiny babies in their most personal areas. Some of the old mainstream media showed a few passengers who said they were fine with it so long as it kept them safe. Apparently, they know nothing of Benjamin Franklin.

How long before child molesters, and sexual deviants start working for the TSA? Lets pray that no one decides to sneak something in a body cavity. I guess TSA'S response to that will be invasive cavity searches while you wait to be groped.

Since TSA accidentally let out their security plans last month along with full images of credentials that could be copied to bypass their security system online, I would be wary of flying anyways.

Is it time for change? Give up all our liberty for a little safety and have neither or stand up and say enough already?

One of the biggest changes is to stop voting for candidates with an (R) or a (D) after their names. Start supporting candidates that support the Constitution. Yes punish the incumbents by voting them out, but don't let fake conservatives in office either. Check out the Libertarian or the Constitution Party and get our nation back to where it needs to be. Justice and Liberty for all.




Home prices fall, but local property taxes rise, Census says 12/29/09

Smart Spending: Federal appliance rebates launch 12/29/09

Mission Merchants - Worst Christmas Ever!


Barack Obama condemns 'systemic failure' of $40bn airline security 12/30/09


Dutch to use full body scanners for US flights 12/30/09

Yemeni link to airline plot complicates Gitmo plan 12/29/09

TSA's goal to confuse passengers, terrorist

Bombshell Eyewitness Revelations: Confirmed FBI Cover-Up Of Flight 253 Attack

Al-Qaida group says it was behind jetliner attack 12/28/09

U.S. Widens Terror War to Yemen, a Qaeda Bastio 12/28/09

Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack 12/25/09

OBAMACARE Health Control Legislation

With Polls Slipping Ben Nelson to Run Television Ad Defending Health Care

McConnell: Health Care Repeal Pledge?
Too bad he didnt have this in mind when he decided to get the vote going early. He should have at least made the demoncrats work for it. If RIHNOS take over in 2010, Our liberties and Freedoms will not be restored.

Mass. Senate candidates spar over Democrats health care bill 12/29/09

Texas AG outraged by Senate health care provision 12/23/09

AGs in Texas, 6 other states question constitutionality of health care deal

10 Red States Now Questioning Nelson Deal 12/23/09

Nebraska is not for sale even if Ben Nelson is!


Candidates face ultimatum: Kill Obamacare, or else ... 12/29/09

The best legislative Web sites

YouTube - Former Israeli Minister exposes Ben Stein's trick against Ron Paul while on Larry King

YouTube - Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West


Do I really need four documents for a driver's license? 12/26/09


DNA tests show many foods are mislabeled

Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture 12/29/09


Salvation Army major shot in front of 3 children 12/25/09

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