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North Carolina Legislators Promoting Discrimination?


  09:09:33 am, by JP   , 238 words,  
Categories: News, Real ID, Take Action

North Carolina Legislators Promoting Discrimination?

North Carolina Legislators Promoting Discrimination?
Jim Palmer
North Carolinians Against Real ID
April 07, 2009

Although much time and effort has gone into providing the legislators in Raleigh complete information about the problems involved with the Real ID Act, they have failed to act on it this year.

They could affect proper change if they were concerned about the issues presented to them by those with religious objections such as Christians and Mennonites, Muslims and Jews. They could affect Change if they listened to those of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transsexuals of North Carolina but so far the voices of the people of North Carolina have been ignored.

Are the legislators discriminating against any of these groups with their inaction on the Real ID?

The deadline for the Legislators to act on this issue by placing legislation into the budget is April 21, 2009.

Will they act quickly to resolve this issue or will they let a precious opportunity slip by?

Please call the Following Legislators and tell them You do not appreciate being discriminated against. Tell them to address the concerns of the People of North Carolina protect their citizens' information from Centralized Databases, biometric Facial Recognition Technology and prevent funding for the Real ID.

Senator Marc Basnight (Dem)
President Pro Tempore
Phone: (919) 733-6854

Representative Joe Hackney (Dem)
Speaker of the House
Phone: 919-733-3451 )

Governor Bev Perdue
Phone: (919)733-4240


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