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Obama Demands Vote on Health Care Control Bill


Obama Demands Vote on Health Care Control Bill

Obama once again ignores the will of the people and demands that congress runs an up or down vote on the health care control bill.

I should be amazed at being ignored by those who were elected to represent me, but I like most Americans have become numb to it. Not numb as ignoring it though.

Americans will affect some change come November, but in the mean time the Democrats are forgetting that many of their own constituents do not agree with the health care scheme they are plotting. Yet they want to blame the Republicans for trying to stall it.

How about they quit trying to point fingers and accept the fact that a majority of Americans despite their political views do not want this health care control bill no matter what they call it?

if they continue to ignore us, they will find find themselves looking at a massive influx of third party candidates come November.

Stand up, Speak up, Live Free!


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