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Pastor Butch Paugh on Live Free Radio


  01:00:49 am, by JP   , 192 words,  
Categories: Welcome

Pastor Butch Paugh on Live Free Radio

Pastor Butch Paugh
Pastor Butch Paugh

Pastor Butch Paugh with Call to Decision Ministries, will be on Live Free Radio tonight at 7pm EST.

Who Is Butch Paugh?

Butch Paugh~Family Man
Butch and his wife, Marsha, have three grown sons and five grandchildren. He is a life-long West Virginian from Nicholas County. He is an Air Force veteran from the Viet Nam era when he had a top secret clearance for intercepting communications. In his younger days, he worked at such jobs as coal mining and saw mills but has been in industrial supplies sales for 32 years.

Butch Paugh~Patriot
Butch is a strict constitutionalist and a strong advocate of individual liberty. He is the author of several books written to educate Americans about the Christian basis of our nation.

Butch Paugh~Minister
Butch has been preaching for 30 years. He has obviously dedicated to the work of the Lord and stuck with his calling.

Listen in tonight as we speak to Pastor Butch and feel free to call in our toll free line and speak with him or myself at 1-888-747-1968 or those outside the US can call 208-935-0094.

Keep Living Free



Comment from: Henry Buscher  
Henry Buscher

I’m sure there is much confusion among Christians over the Israel issue. Evangelist John Hagee stands on the Bible’s passage regarding blessing or cursing Israel. Whichever one we do is supposed to get a definite result.
Pastor Butch sees it another way. Please pray that the Holy Ghost straightens out Christians on the issue of Jesus’ homeland.
New Orleans
I am too close to this city. Please pray for Christians here as the town has already ushered in Carnival season. It’s like wearing a HIT US sign. Katrina and Hurricane Gustav apparently didn’t teach people anything around here.
God bless you.

01/08/09 @ 04:15 am
Comment from: Roberta Kelly
Roberta Kelly

When are you having another conference, like last year’s in Summersville?
Looking forward to it!!

Thanks for all you do.

03/01/10 @ 05:03 am