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Swine Flu Preparing Us for Forced Vaccinations?


  01:18:56 am, by JP   , 326 words,  
Categories: News, Health

Swine Flu Preparing Us for Forced Vaccinations?

It is a shame that so much focus is pushed onto this swine flue epidemic when more people are dying of TB and prescription drugs errors every day in the US.

Why all the attention? Are the powers that be putting our focus on this "possible pandemic" while they are out pushing for amnesty, forced socialized health care and working to end our second amendment right to keep and bear arms?

Time magazine is talking about how great the vaccines are. News reports have shown time and again that people who receive vaccines seem to die at a higher rate than those who do not.

Currently their are no vaccines that can eradicate a viral infection before it happens. The reason is quite simple. Viruses mutate and it takes time to get approval for vaccines from the FDA. By the time approval is done, the virus has most likely mutated to something different than the virus that the vaccine was intended for.

This is common medical knowledge. Every year during the normal flu season, the vaccines are almost useless by the time they injected into the arms of those trying to prevent getting the flu.

So why is Time telling everyone vaccines are so great? Are they trying to change the public mindset and prepare them for the powers that be to force us to take a vaccine that most likely will do no good or even worse cause us harm?


April 28, 2009 - 9:50 AM
Vials of swine flu virus explode on train

Vials of innocuous swine flu virus have exploded on an intercity train, prompting police to stop passengers before they arrived in Lausanne.

A laboratory technician from a Geneva hospital had been transporting the vials on Monday evening from a veterinary institute in Zurich. The Federal Health Office had called for the development of a diagnostic test for the illness that has killed as many as 150 people worldwide.

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Chairil Maxum

what is their purpose in vaccines?

04/28/09 @ 01:45 am
Comment from:

They are supposed to help prevent the spread of the flu for those not showing any sings of infections.

04/28/09 @ 02:14 am
Alex Ramirez

Two doctors one being Dr. Sanjay Gupta agreed that these vaccinations will not do anything that would prevent people from getting the swine flu virus. Fact.

04/28/09 @ 04:06 am