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Tom DeWeese on Live Free Radio Today


  01:00:19 am, by JP   , 191 words,  
Categories: Welcome

Tom DeWeese on Live Free Radio Today

President of the American Policy Center

Tom Deweese

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, property rights and back-to-basics education. For over thirty years he has fought against government oppression....

Under the leadership of Tom DeWeese, APC has joined the fight to rescue American education from federal intrusion and behavior-modification programs like Goals 2000, School-to-Work and Outcome-based Education. Most recently APC has become involved in the fight for American privacy rights against intrusive government data banks, particularly in opposition to the establishment of a national identification card.

Since 1995, Tom has served as Editor in Chief of The DeWeese Report. He makes regular appearances on radio and television talk shows and has had articles published in several national publications. In 1999 he was accepted as a life member in the National Registry of Who’s Who.

For over 31 years Tom DeWeese has been a businessman, grassroots activist, writer and publisher. As such, he has always advocated a firm belief in man’s need to keep moving forward while protecting Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of property and individual freedom.

Read Tom's Compete Bio at



Comment from: FreedomLover

Tom is doing a fantastic job. Thnaks Tom for fighting to help us keep our liberties.

10/09/08 @ 09:53 am
Grant Hall


Enjoyed your show.

Those who implement the principles & concepts outlined in my book, PRIVACY CRISIS, the best selling eBook on Privacy and Identity theft on the internet do not have to be concerned with Identity Theft or other privacy matters.

Have a look.


Grant Hall

I have never heard of this person, nor have I read what he is sharing. I would like to hear more before investing in this book.

10/09/08 @ 11:20 am
Grant Hall

It would be my pleasure to send you a copy of my e-book, Privacy Crisis.
Provide an e-mail address and I will upload the file.

Best to You,

Grant Hall

04/08/10 @ 04:50 pm