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We Are The New Main Stream Media. We the People will Spread the Truth Since the Corporate Media will not do its job.


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What's Your Passion?


What's Your Passion?

I ask because it is important that you have one. Mine is getting out the word on how to live free.

One of my other many passions is stopping the Real ID ? National ID Card stopped in my state and in our country and I spend a great deal of time speaking up against it and educating legislation and the public on the dangers of having a national id card.

Perhaps your passion is gun rights, environmental rights, religious rights, constitutional rights, illegal immigration, natural health options, gmo food, vaccines, or chemtrails.

Whatever you passion is, you need to take action in order to affect change. Use the internet and use your phone. Use you mind and reach out to others with your passion. Once you unite with enough like minded people you can have a positive influence on the issue that concerns you the most.

I'll Talk to you tonight 7PM EST
Keep Living Free

How are the people Reacting in Burton to the Military troops patrolling their streets and flying helicopters close to their roofs. According to one news report people were frightened by what appeared to be an invasion.

The US Navy special forces training over an a populated are is not what is know ans SOP or Standard Operating Procedure.

Just what is going on? Why risk the lives of innocent civilians to train? There are many areas where specialized training could be done without risking lives or scaring civilians.

Tonight, we will try to speak with someone who lives in the area and they will report what they have seen and heard.

Psalm 119:63 (King James Version)

I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.


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Town halls hire citizen snoopers as young as SEVEN to spy on neighbours 5/18/09

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A world turned upside down 5/20/09

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House has passed the Legislation too According to Gun Owners of America

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BREAKING NEWS US officials confirm Iranian missile launch 5/20/09
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