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« Will an International Law Loving & Member of a Racist Organization become the Next Supreme Court Justice?Diane Miller of National Health Freedom On Air Friday May 22 »

Why all of the Racism out of DC?


Why all of the Racism out of DC?

The question needs to be asked. The media boasting about the first African American in the White House. Obama continues to push ethnicity when it comes to his supreme court nomination.

Most educated informed Americans could care less about the ethnicity of any politician or supreme court justice. They care about whether or not they are qualified to do their jobs. The question is still out on Obama's qualifications according to many lawsuits against him asking him to prove his citizenship.

Obama claims to be a constitutional law expert and is proving his expertise by side stepping much of the document he is an expert on. Is his supreme court nominee, Sotomayor the same as him?

If so, she should not be confirmed and Americans need to contact their legislators to let them know just exactly how they feel about the issue.

Finally, we have U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu who wants to paint the globe white.

At a climate change symposium in London, Chu said that painting roofs white would be part of a "new revolution" to cut greenhouse gases, according to AFP . The white paint would keep buildings cooler, reduce people's use of air conditioning and reflect sunlight away from the Earth.

Chu argued that making roads and roofs a paler shade around the world would have the equivalent of taking every car off the road for 11 years.

Talk about insanity. Had this been introduced by a white person than we can just hear all of the racism rhetoric, but since it was offered by chu, we can simply call it stupidity.

Whats next, all people of color have to look like Michael Jackson or lighter? Perhaps all automobile will have to be white too. Perhaps all houses should be white and grass should be genetically modified to be white as well. We could require that every homeowner have at least one white tree in the yard of their home that is completely white from roof to ground.

PSALMS 33:18 Behold, the eye of the LORD [is] upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; (KJV)


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